Management Training

Management Training

Posted by Jan Lawrence

The Scottish journalist BC Forbes once said, ‘Golf without bunkers and hazards would be tame and monotonous. So would life.’

At In Equilibrium, we fully understand that change underpins the success of many organisations but can result in real challenges for those instituting it.  During such periods, or ideally ahead of them, good quality training to help minimise the risk of stress and enhance wellbeing can result in untold benefits for not only staff and management but for the organisation as a whole.

We offer a selection of training courses which are suitable for everyone in an organisation and those which are specifically designed for management.  You will find below a list of our management courses together with a brief description of their objectives.

If you would like to discuss any of our management training courses, please telephone us on 0131 476 5027.  Alternatively, you may like to browse through the many resources we have published on our blog which relate to management training, or you can click here to read some testimonials from customers who have used us to provide training for their managers  Please remember that just as every organisation is unique, we can design our training to be individual to your organisation and any of the courses listed can be tailor-made to fulfill your exact requirements either regarding course content or length.

The following courses are suitable for training managers:

Stress Management Training for Managers

A practical one day training course which helps managers, supervisors and team leaders to recognise when a member of staff may be suffering from stress; provide them with tools to help minimise the risk of stressful situations on both individuals and the organisation; and suggest some strategies to use going forward.

“Fascinating!  Really able to identify with course content and apply it to my team” was a comment we received from a delegate.

Developing Personal Resilience (Manager’s version)

Following their attendance on this course, a recent delegate said they now “believe I can manage change and sell it to the team”, whilst one of their colleagues commented that they would, “use techniques learnt to diffuse situations, not allowing them to control me”.

Developing Personal Resilience (manager’s version) is a proactive one day training course which helps delegates to understand their resilience skills and to learn how, by improving them, they will not only improve their own ability to solve problems and remain optimistic under pressure but also help maintain their team’s morale.

A popular follow-up to this course is a short session for participants 3 to 6 months after their initial training.  This allows delegates to measure the change in their resilience skills and also to share their experiences once they have had the opportunity to use the tools provided during their initial course.

Bullying in the Workplace : Training for Managers

A sensitive topic but an essential course which helps those responsible for others in the workplace to understand its importance; appreciate the legal context; learn how to recognise signs of both overt and covert bullying; and discuss good practice in preventing or dealing with such issues.

Using actors to provide vital role play is becoming increasingly popular with clients who book this course.  A recent delegate confirmed, “The scene play hit home the reality of bullying and harassment in the workplace”.

The following feedback is typical of those we receive from managers who have attended this course: “The subject is known to be very broad and there was a lot I did not previously understand.  I now feel more equipped to cope/recognise/deal with emerging situations.”

Mental Health Awareness Training

In recent years, the awareness of mental health issues has rightly become a more openly discussed topic.  However, many organisations are still losing the services of skilled employees who are managed incorrectly and feel their choice is down to a deterioration  in their mental health or leaving their employment.

Our popular one day Mental Health Awareness  course gives managers, supervisors and team leaders the knowledge to manage someone with a suspected or diagnosed mental health condition more successfully.  They also learn how to help their other team members when the challenging behaviour associated with the most common mental health conditions is being displayed by one of the team.

At the end of a recent course one delegate said, “The course was very infomative and educating with very good practical exercises”.