Training Provider

Training Provider

Posted by Jan Lawrence

As a corporate training provider working throughout the UK we welcome enquiries from organisations of all sizes and sectors.  Our training provision is in the following key areas:

To view a full list of all the training courses we provide please go to our training courses page.

We have been providing training for managers and employees in the above areas since 1998, 17 years!  Many things have changed during that time, both in the way we deliver our courses and in the working environment in the UK.

We also aim to provide free and useful information on our website for those who are interested in the areas we provide training in, as well as some resources for clients on password protected pages.

Details of our expert trainers can be found here and many of them have contributed over the years to an extensive library of blog articles which you can find here.  We also provide a free newsletter which is full of interesting articles and links to other resources.  You can subscribe to the newsletter here.  We have more information about us and the way we work but we also have a faqs page.  If you can’t find the answer to your question please get in touch – we are always happy to have a conversation about our work!

See case studies and testimonials from customers here.