Understanding and Developing Personal & Team Resilience

Understanding and Developing Personal & Team Resilience

Posted by Jan Lawrence

We were delighted with recent feedback from District Council delegates after spending half a day on a tailored “Understanding and Developing Personal & Team Resilience” training course.

The challenges District Councils face are well documented, they include funding cuts, increasing demand for services alongside challenges with economic growth. Of course a short session like this can’t work miracles, but it can leave delegates feeling listened to, make them appreciate that they are not alone, and see ways to work together and gain support from their team and the people around them.  We have included additional comments below the graphic.

District council resilience


‘3 Hours well spent’

‘Very informative and interesting.  Thanks.’

‘Safe learning experience’

‘Very interesting and informative’

‘Interesting and realisation of others’


‘Contemplative feelings and emotions of my own and others more.’

‘Great course, great team involvement, need more often.’

‘Time well spent’

‘Lots of learning in a short space of time, backed up by interesting studies/facts’

‘Found it positive and engaging.  Enjoyable’