Update on the Equality Act

Update on the Equality Act

Posted by Jan Lawrence

The new Equality Act is the most significant piece of equality legislation for many years.  It will simplify, streamline and strengthen the law. It will give individuals greater protection from unfair discrimination and will make it easier for employers and companies to understand their responsibilities.

It will also set a new standard for those who provide public services to treat everyone, with dignity and respect.

Do you want to:

  • ensure your managers are up to date on the implications of the new Equality Act?
  • minimise the risk of grievances and complaints?
  • use a practical and effective way of getting the message across?

We offer :

  • A two hour interactive session
  • Key issues and implications for your business explained
  • Practical work place scenarios
  • Experienced and expert diversity facilitator
  • Handouts

Diversity Dilemmas

Recent research for the CIPD shows that practical work based scenarios are the best way of getting the diversity message across.  They enable participants to think through how to deal with diversity issues in the workplace and with clients and customers – preventing discrimination, building positive working relationships and being proactive.

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