In-House Training: We come to your workplace

In-House Training: We come to your workplace

Posted by Jan Lawrence

By ‘in-house’ training we mean that we come to your workplace or chosen venue to provide specialist training to your team.

Once we have agreed a training date with you, our trainer will contact you to discuss the logisitics  of the training and any specific considerations.  Workbooks and any additional materials are couriered to you in advance.  We are happy to either provide our own evaluation forms or circulate yours, whichever you prefer.  All we ask is that we either take them away on the day and provide you with a post-course evaluation summary, or are given photocopies of the completed evaluation forms.

In-house training benefits:

  • Customisation – tailored content for your organisation
  • Convenience – you choose the date and we come to you
  • Cost effective – In-house training can be the cheapest way to train a group of people, saving time and travel costs
  • Communication – In-house training fosters a ‘team’ approach and also provides an opportunity for team building through learning


In Equilibrium provide:

  • A course trainer: a member of our highly experienced team will be selected, based on their skills, experience and location.
  • Course materials: we will provide all materials required for the training, these are sent to you by courier a few days ahead of the course.
  • Tailored courses: we will contact you in advance to discuss your organisation’s training requirements, and ensure that the training provided meets your organisational objectives
  • A full administration service to ensure the organisation of your training is handled efficiently from the moment you book


Your organisation provides:

  • The training venue, this may be your workplace or another appropriate venue as selected by you.
  • Relevant equipment
  • Catering as required