Webinar courses & coaching are available during these difficult times

Webinar courses & coaching are available during these difficult times

Posted by Amanda Furness


We wanted to provide an update of how we plan to continue offering our services during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

There are 3 ways main ways we hope to continue to do this which we outline below.  If you would like to offer training or discuss possible support options for staff during these difficult times, please either call us or submit our contact us form and we will get back to you.

(1) Our Courses are Available by Webinar

By using the platform your organisation already has set up, or whichever one is most suitable, we can continue to offer many of our courses as webinars.

Our trainers are hugely experienced at delivering their courses. They are passionate about continuing to provide the same level of empathetic and inclusive delivery that delegates are used to experiencing.

As subject experts, our trainers can offer learning to those at all levels of seniority.  They are also very experienced at working with different groups of colleagues within an organisation.

Delegate feedback from our mental health awareness training:
“Wonderfully positive day’s training on a very emotive subject. We are not alone.”

Delegate feedback from our stress management training:
“Very positive. It was also useful to hear colleagues share their experiences as it helps to put what you are learning into practice.”

(2) We can Provide Coaching for Support

During periods of rapid change and challenging decisions, coaching with an external professional can provide structured support and focus.

Our coaching services can be offered either online or by phone with the frequency of sessions flexibly agreed between the coach and their coachee.

You can find real life examples of the types of issues that have benefited from using a coaching approach here.

(3) Help for the challenges posed by home working

Our courses help individuals relieve anxiety and stress, build resilience, manage change, and develop supportive networks – all very relevant skills in the current situation.

We have many free tips and resources on our website which will be helpful in the face of these challenging times.

We also plan to keep publishing helpful tips and resources on our blog which you may like to share via our social media channels or by regularly checking the blog section of our website.

View our blog articles here 

“The human capacity for burden is like bamboo – far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance.”

Jodi Picoult, from ‘My Sister’s Keeper’