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What did you do on your tea-break?


How often do you find yourself in the kitchen at home or work, making a quick brew before you dash back to whatever you just left behind?  Five minutes later, can you even remember leaving your desk and do you feel rejuvenated for the break?

It doesn’t have to take you any longer, but next time try really paying attention to what you are doing in the present rather than thinking about what you’ve been working on or are planning to do next.

Watch the water flowing into the kettle, listen to the sound of it coming up to the boil, smell the scent as you pour water into your cup, savour the sensation of holding the spoon and stirring the liquid around your cup, watch it change colour if you add some milk, be aware of the feeling of the liquid in your mouth and the taste it leaves as you swallow, and notice the liquid as it continues its journey through your body.

The tea-break may no longer be the social occasion it once was but with a little practice it can, at least, allow us to switch off and focus on the present for a few minutes.

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