Workforce wellbeing resources included in Winter newsletter

Workforce wellbeing resources included in Winter newsletter

Posted by Amanda Furness


The workforce wellbeing resources featured in our Winter 2020/21 newsletter are:

Be Well, Work Well

Pwc’s habit bank aims to provide some inspiration for adopting habits that can energize you in each of the four dimensions of energy – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Each suggestion falls into one of three categories; personal, team and quick wins.

Managing and supporting employees experiencing domestic abuse

The results of a CIPD survey conducted last year, suggest that fewer than a quarter of UK employees are aware of their employer having a policy or support in place on domestic abuse.  Therefore, the aim of this guidance from the CIPD (produced with the Equality and Human Rights Commission) is “to encourage more employers to take an active supporting role, which can make a huge difference to employees experiencing domestic abuse and their future, with practical recommendations of how to do that”.

Mental Health and Employers: refreshing the case for investment

Building on the previous Deloitte research that contributed to the 2017 Stevenson-Farmer Thriving at Work independent review, this new report sets out to answer the questions; What is the cost of poor mental health at work, what has changed since 2017, why should employers invest in mental health interventions and what else can employers do?

Taking sleep seriously: Sleep and our mental health (UK)

In March last year the Mental Health Foundation commissioned 2 surveys on sleep and mental health, with a further survey one month into lockdown.  In this report they highlight the important role sleep plays in the context of mental health problems, family, school, workplace (pages 24-29) and social inequalities.  Their report includes recommendations for UK Governments and Research Councils, as well as for us all as individuals.


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