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At In Equilibrium, our focus is on workplace training & consultancy to enhance wellbeing, and this page highlights our training courses designed specifically for those in managerial roles.

These courses equip managers with the skills to navigate challenging situations effectively, maintain their well-being, and foster a positive work environment. These skills are essential for ensuring sustainable productivity, enhancing team morale, and cultivating a workplace culture that embraces change and learning, even when under pressure.

Growth Mindset Training For Leaders And Managers

This half-day course helps managers cultivate a growth mindset in themselves and their team members to improve motivation, creativity, engagement, team cohesion, adaptability and responses to challenges and setbacks.

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Developing Resilience Training for Managers

A 1-day course which helps those with management responsibility to both improve their own personal resilience as well as learn how they can support the resilience of those they manage through a variety of exercises and facilitated discussions.

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Inclusive Leadership Training

This course equips leaders and managers with the skills, knowledge, and awareness to harness the strengths of a diverse workforce and foster a sense of belonging for all team members, regardless of their background, identity, or experiences.

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Managing and Developing Successful Teams

Using practical exercises, participants will gain the skills and knowledge to structure, measure and tune performance in their team environments. The need to manage team well-being is considered, along with approaches to accommodate this.

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Performance and Development Conversations

Creates awareness of the positive impact of coaching conversations. Participants learn how to approach conversations, encourage dialogue and feedback, use influencing styles to achieve outcomes, along with skills to handle potentially difficult situations.

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Constructive Conversations Workshop

This workshop focuses on developing skills to have quality conversations to improve interaction, inclusion and performance. Participants explore managing emotions, influencing others and building trust to improve outcomes, even in pressurised situations.

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Managers Managing Change Training

Beneficial to any manager in an organisation, this 1-day course is designed to offer participants a greater understanding of change and introduce them to a range of practical change management tools which can be used to develop a change management development plan.

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Psychological Safety in the Workplace Training

Psychological safety equips teams with the tools and understanding needed to foster trust, promote open communication and risk-taking, and achieve high performance, especially in the complex dynamics of remote work environments.

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Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers

This course explores factors which affect mental health & the signs that someone is struggling. It shares best practice and helps managers consider practical actions they can take to support their team members' physical & mental health, encourage wellness and aid recovery in the workplace.

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Stress Management Training for Managers

A practical and interactive one-day course which looks at the signs of stress and its risk implications. By the end of the day, participants will be able to discuss individual team members' stress triggers with them and agree individual strategies which can then be reviewed at a later date.

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Bullying in the Workplace Training for Managers

This course gives those with managerial responsibility an understanding of bullying in the workplace and provides an opportunity to discuss good practice in a relaxed, flexible manner with plenty of opportunities for questions and answers.

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How to Conduct Professional Investigations in the Workplace

An interactive 1-day course which deals with both the practical aspects of conducting an investigation, as well as the ensuing evaluation once the investigation has taken place.

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