Wellbeing at Work Resource Overview Page

Wellbeing at Work Resource Overview Page

Below you will find wellbeing at work resource pages for the various areas in which we deliver training.  We work hard to only include resources from trusted sources. These pages are regularly reviewed by our team but, as you'll appreciate, external links are outwith our control and can change at any time, so please let us know if you find any that are not working. Our aim is that you will enjoy doing some further reading and find  them helpful.

Includes links to background information as to why we can all benefit from developing resilience skills along with links to practical advice on improving specific skills, covering topics such as acceptance, boundaries, empathy, emotional awareness, optimism, problem solving and self-care.

Included in our stress management resources are links to general information and advice about managing and preventing stress in the workplace along with questionnaires, guidance and toolkits from the HSE. Links to articles about burnout and approaches to self-care are also included.

Includes links to articles that relate to the business case for mental health awareness training, workplace adjustments, mental health statistics, as well as tips for having conversations, support helplines and specific sections on topics such as anxiety, loneliness and understanding suicide.

This page includes resources for tackling bullying in the workplace with articles and guides for raising awareness, the effects bullying has on both the individual and the organisation, legal support and the Equality Act, as well as some myths about bullying at work and information about bullying behaviours.

Our collection of articles about tackling sexual harassment at work includes guidance and steps HR can take, how to encourage a speak up culture, a case study about an organisation confronting a problem, tips on speaking up, why training is essential in certain sectors, and a look at why we fail to report sexual harassment.

Includes articles, case studies and guidance about dignity and inclusion. Has sections with resources on the Equality Act, diversity in the workplace, overcoming unconscious bias, micro-aggressions, age, disability, gender identity, race, religion and belief, sex, sexual orientation, as well as organisations who provide help and advice.

Our mindfulness resources focus on articles which give useful, useable information and tips on mindfulness. There are a few links to material positioned elsewhere on this website but mainly these articles are ones that we have found in our own research on the subject including videos to aid practice.

Our wellbeing at work resource page includes articles about what wellbeing at work is, managing wellbeing at work, occupational health issues such as alcohol, financial health, menopause and musculoskeletal disorders, as well as the link between happiness and wellbeing.

Have you tried out any apps for building your own resilience, improving your quality of sleep, or working on aspects of your mental health? On this page we list 6 benefits of using apps to help form new habits and include a list of some of the good quality apps we have found to help us focus on self-care.