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Our Dignity at Work training is designed to foster a respectful and inclusive work environment.  The training aims to prevent and address inappropriate workplace behaviours that can undermine an individual's dignity and well-being.


Why Dignity at Work training is so important

Dignity at work training is crucial because it equips employees and employers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and awareness to create a harmonious and respectful workplace environment.

By educating individuals about the principles of respect, empathy, and inclusivity, this training helps prevent and address issues such as discrimination, harassment, and bullying, which can negatively impact employee well-being, morale, and overall productivity.

Dignity at work training promotes a culture of mutual understanding, effective communication, and conflict resolution. This enhances teamwork and collaboration and nurtures a sense of belonging and worth among all employees.

Key benefits of attending this course

Attending a dignity at work course offers several key benefits that contribute to a more respectful and inclusive workplace:

  • Awareness and Sensitivity: Participants develop a heightened awareness of respectful behaviour, learning to recognise and address subtle forms of discrimination, bias, and harassment, fostering a more considerate workplace culture.
  • Conflict Resolution Skills: The course equips attendees with practical techniques for resolving conflicts and addressing misunderstandings constructively, promoting healthier working relationships.
  • Improved Communication: Participants learn how to communicate with empathy and clarity, reducing miscommunication and fostering open dialogues that enhance teamwork and collaboration.
  • Enhanced Leadership: Dignity at work training can empower supervisors and managers with the skills to lead by example, promoting respectful behaviour and setting a positive tone for the entire team.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: The course emphasises the importance of embracing diversity and creating an inclusive environment, which can lead to a broader range of perspectives, ideas, and innovative solutions.
  • Legal and Ethical Compliance: Attendees better understand relevant laws and regulations, helping organisations maintain compliance with anti-discrimination and harassment policies, thereby mitigating legal and reputational risks.

Who would benefit from attending this course?

This course is suitable for both managers and employees at all levels of an organisation.

The course content and capacity can be customised for individuality and to ensure organisations’ specific learning criteria are met. Consultancy in Dignity at Work is also an option either as a standalone service or in conjunction with training.

Course Overview

Throughout the training session, there will be an emphasis on creating a safe and supportive learning environment to enable open, productive discussions.  

The course content includes:

Introduction to Dignity at Work 

  • Welcome and Course Overview
  • Understanding Dignity at Work
  • Legal and Ethical Framework
  • Impact of Dignity at Work

Building Dignity at Work

  • Respectful Communication
  • Unconscious Bias Awareness
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Promoting Inclusivity

Preventing Harassment and Bullying 

  • Identifying Harassment and Bullying
  • Reporting and Response Mechanisms
  • Prevention Strategies

Dignity in Leadership  

  • Leading by Example
  • Managerial Responsibilities
  • Creating a Dignity Action Plan

Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Recap of Key Takeaways
  • Commitment to Dignity at Work
  • Feedback and Evaluation

Customer testimonials for Dignity at Work training

"I will take more time to think about how my actions and words can make people feel. I will stand up for when I think people aren't being respected"

"Be mindful of what you are saying/doing - there were some aspects of things I had never even considered might be a problem or an issue for others. So this was an enlightening and informative experience."

"Overall, this course made me think about the impact that someone's words can have on not just the person who is on the receiving end, but of the other individuals in the room. Though I feel to some extent we can't constantly censor what we say, we must be mindful. If a colleague or myself says something that can be considered inappropriate, it is important to address it in the right way."

"Great course, I wish I’d done it sooner."

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Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

We are always happy to talk about our courses and help you to work out the best match for your requirements.


"The quality of the training has been fantastic and our employees are really engaging with the trainer and getting something out of it. Also In Equilibrium makes the whole process very easy to arrange."

— Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Officer, Sophie Holland

"We wanted to provide a course that taught useful and practical coping strategies that our members could put into place straight away. In Equilibrium’s experience showed us that they could provide this, and they tailored the course perfectly."

— The Association of Electoral Administrators

"In-Equilibrium recently presented Mental Health Awareness to Managers in all of our area offices. The training was really well received and all of the trainers were praised for their in-depth knowledge and understanding."


— Roger Bullivant Limited

"The training was very well received by staff who now all intend to implement the session’s practical tips and techniques into their existing roles. A large proportion of the staff rated the facilitator and their delivery as excellent and their only recommendation was for a further and longer session!"

— Leeds City College

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