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Company Ethos and Values

“Differentiation is one of the most strategic and tactical activities in which companies most constantly engage”

Theodore Levitt (1925 -2006) Economist and Harvard Business School Professor

In this respect In Equilibrium is no different to any other SME; however, we believe that articulating what we consider to be those differences would be of particular value to our prospective customers.

And so here is our individual approach to providing your company with practical training for your managers and employees in areas that can positively affect their wellbeing and, ultimately, your bottom line.

  • Good working relationships are important to us. We invest our principles of clarity, flexibility, honesty and efficiency in every relationship we develop.
  • We listen to what you tell us before, during and after training. Being independent from your organisation allows us to bring a fresh perspective and course participants respond to our impartiality by being more open and honest which can result in getting to the nub of issues more efficiently.
  • Providing excellent, flexible and timely customer service and offering rapid responses with a solution-based approach is an everyday goal.
  • We aim to provide our customers with excellent value for money. Our UK wide network of trainers and our efficient support team means we are able to keep our own operational costs down, and therefore can price ourselves very competitively.
  • The backgrounds of our directors in behavioural science, psychology, medicine and accountancy have strongly influenced all aspects of the company ethos and course content since In Equilibrium began in 1998.
  • We appreciate that poor training is expensive regardless of its price, so ensuring that our UK-wide selection of expert In Equilibrium trainers always provide a truly professional and high-quality service is a constant priority.
  • All of our training goes through a research process. For example, the development of our resilience courses benefitted from a meeting with Dr Al Siebert shortly before his death in 2009.  As Founder and Director of the Resiliency Centre, Dr Siebert was internationally recognised for his pioneering research into the inner nature of highly resilient survivors.
  • In Equilibrium trainers are not only specialists in their field but real characters who have their own stories to tell. From a leading figure in the campaign to improve doctors' working conditions to one of the best-qualified trainers in Mindfulness within the UK; from the founder and Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion at Work Group to two mental health awareness trainers who have received accolades at the House of Lords for the excellence of their delivery.
  • Education, Education, Education – is a refrain we offer all our course delegates who have access to an extensive range of resources both offline and online to reinforce their training and stimulate further reading and practice.  We can even email reminders to delegates at timely intervals following their training to remind them what they have learned and to embed that knowledge.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our approach, please contact us by telephone, email or through our website.

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