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Mental Health – Customised Training

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We realise that there are occasions where an “off the shelf” course may not provide the best solution to an organisation’s training needs.

This is why we are pleased to be able to offer:

  •  a customised course where examples/exercises relevant to your organisation can be worked into standard course content
  •  a bespoke course designed specifically for your organisation to ensure your training needs are met
  • a confidential coaching service provided on a one to one basis

Here is an example of a Mental Health Awareness training course being adapted to fit the needs of a recruitment company:

A Nationwide recruitment company which had grown rapidly over a short period found that many of their consultants were experiencing difficulty in knowing how to react when meeting/interviewing people with mental health issues, including convicted paedophiles.  The problems ranged from being apprehensive and afraid they were dealing with psychopaths to the other extreme of getting too involved and giving inappropriate or bad advice that in some cases has resulted to claims against them.

A meeting was held to clarify the required learning outcomes and the level of knowledge of the potential delegates.  A half-day course was designed and implemented that addressed the following two criteria:

Demystifying ‘mental illness’ including raised awareness of the signs of the mental health illnesses and conditions the consultants were most likely to encounter.

The use of scenarios and role-play to prepare them for interacting with individuals with a mental health condition they had prior knowledge of.

Please feel free to contact Alastair Taylor on Tel: 0131 476 5027 for an informal discussion about how we could best fulfill your requirements.
Alternatively, contact Alastair by e-mail: [email protected]

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