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Developing a Growth Mindset in the Workplace

Developing A Growth Mindset in the Workplace

1 Day Course


Designed to help participants understand the power of developing a growth mindset and the practical ways it is possible to cultivate this in themselves and in others. A growth mindset fosters creativity, innovation and the ability to handle difficulty and setbacks with the result of improved performance, greater confidence and more adaptability when handling challenges that invariably arise.



Individuals with a fixed mindset believe both intelligence and talent are things we are born with.  They respond negatively when they fail which leads them to be less likely to try something new, now or in the future, for fear of failure or fear of not being seen to fail.  In the workplace this can lead to behaviours such as covering up mistakes, blaming others and ignoring constructive feedback.  They are easily threatened by others’ achievements which can lead to controlling behaviour, both in how they handle and take credit for their own work and how they treat colleagues and subordinates.  The ramifications of a fixed mindset are poor for individual development as well as team cohesion and the culture of an organisation.

The growth mindset is based on over 35 years of research, much of it led by Professor Carol Dweck of Stanford University.  Those with a growth mindset do not fear failure and are willing to put themselves up for a challenge, as they believe that with effort and good instruction all have the capacity to succeed, particularly when this is viewed as a chance to grow.

Dweck’s research has shown that when children read and learn about the brain; how malleable it is, and how it grows and changes when responding to a challenge; they are more likely to carry on and try again if they don’t succeed.  This knowledge encourages them to have a thirst for learning, welcome a challenge, look for alternatives, value effort and not see failure as something permanent – in other words, they develop a growth mindset.  In the workplace, those with a growth mindset believe talents and abilities can be developed, appreciate the value of mistakes and criticism; and thus pick themselves up to find a solution, seize challenges, and find the success of others inspiring rather than threatening.

Please note that, at present, this course can only be delivered in London and the South of England.



From a leadership perspective, this course encourages reflection on the benefits a growth mindset culture can bring to an organisation and whether an emphasis on striving for success could be inhibiting risk taking and hindering learning through fear of failure; rather than success evolving from failure and employees learning and developing from this.

The benefits to participants include:

  • Recognising how to empower employees to be more curious and constantly seek ways to improve how they carry out their role and achieve objectives.
  • Provide opportunities for employees to identify and build their strengths to achieve more.
  • Help those that struggle with failure, who are too quick to say, “I can’t”, and don’t believe in the power of effort.
  • Give employees the confidence to step outside their comfort zone and try new approaches.

Who is it for?


Any staff member looking to develop themselves and/or their team would benefit from this course.  Developing a growth mindset enables people to venture out of their comfort zone and see challenges as exciting rather than threatening and as opportunities to enhance their abilities and continue to grow.

This can be of particular value to organisations in, or planning, a period of change, as it helps individuals sit more comfortably with uncertainty, be more honest about their feelings of vulnerability and not feel fear when presenting ideas that might not be regarded positively.

Indicative Content


  • Understanding the difference between the growth and fixed mindset
  • Identifying your own mindset
  • Preparing the brain to build a growth mindset and the impact this will have
  • Using a growth mindset at work to achieve success
  • Learning how a growth mindset builds resilience, wellbeing and the ability to handle pressure

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Discuss aspects of this course with us

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