Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”  Timothy Gallwey

Corporate Coaching Service

In Equilibrium can offer corporate coaching in conjunction with training or provided as a standalone service for any member of an organisation’s management or staff.

We have often found that individuals looking to attend an open course in a particular subject, have discovered that a few sessions with a coach can be just as effective.  In a coaching session, the coachee spends all the time working through areas specifically relating to them with an expert who is focussed on the agreed desired outcomes.

A typical coaching session is one and a half to two hours in length.  The coach can come to the coachee’s place of work or they can arrange somewhere more appropriate.

Prior to their first session, a telephone conversation between the coach and the potential coachee is set up so that they can decide if they want to begin the process of working together.  If they agree to continue, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended.

All information about the coach/coachee relationship and any written notes remain completely confidential, except in rare circumstances decreed by law. If requested by the organisation, the coach will report in broad terms on the process and progress of coaching but will not give details and content of the coaching sessions unless the coachee gives their explicit permission.

If there is someone in your organisation you feel may benefit from a one-to-one coaching approach, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.

Who Is It For?

Corporate coaching is suitable for any member of an organisation.  It provides a private one-to-one space for the coachee to focus on specific workplace issues to help improve their performance.

Corporate Coaching examples

Our coaches have vast experience of working with their coachees to help overcome the problems that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. Here are a few examples of the type of issues that sessions with one of our corporate coaches can help address:

  • Anger management and its underlying cause – one of our coaches worked with a key role holder in a manufacturing company to develop strategies to manage her stress, and by so doing, deal with her anger management issues. As a result, she was more able to control her responses when things became stressful, and deal with production and conflict issues in a more professional manner.
  • Perfectionism and micro-management tendencies – help was given to enable a senior operations manager deal with his perfection tendency which drove a need to control his managers. This had been alienating them, and resulted in a loss of initiative in his departments. He learned to delegate, and to provide a more constructive balance of feedback to his teams, which improved both production performance and morale. As an indirect result, the senior manager was promoted to Production Director within a year.
  • Addressing underlying performance issues - work with a senior supply chain manager, for a global blue chip company, identified blocks that were impacting on his performance, and how he saw himself. He felt that his career was at a crossroads. By dealing with some of the underlying issues, the manager was able to re-build his self-belief, identify what he wanted to do with the last ten years of his working life, and re-launched his career with a new vigour, to the company's benefit.

A coachee's comment following completion of their coaching sessions:


I found coaching to be very helpful.  The sessions worked well, and my coach’s style helped me to really think and focus on the issues I had experienced and I learnt ways to deal and move forward should these issues re-occur.

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Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our coaching service.


"The quality of the training has been fantastic and our employees are really engaging with the trainer and getting something out of it. Also In Equilibrium makes the whole process very easy to arrange."

— Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Officer, Sophie Holland

"We wanted to provide a course that taught useful and practical coping strategies that our members could put into place straight away. In Equilibrium’s experience showed us that they could provide this, and they tailored the course perfectly."

— The Association of Electoral Administrators

"In-Equilibrium recently presented Mental Health Awareness to Managers in all of our area offices. The training was really well received and all of the trainers were praised for their in-depth knowledge and understanding."


— Roger Bullivant Limited

"The training was very well received by staff who now all intend to implement the session’s practical tips and techniques into their existing roles. A large proportion of the staff rated the facilitator and their delivery as excellent and their only recommendation was for a further and longer session!"

— Leeds City College

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