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Building Resilient Teams

Building Resilient Teams

1 Day Course

This unique course is for whole teams to learn together what is needed to collectively build their resilience.


Imagine a work environment where all team members are working towards the greater good, where trust, commitment and loyalty are commonplace and where coming to work is something each member positively looks forward to. Sound like utopia?  Maybe for some, but we know that it can, with understanding and commitment be achieved.

This course is for whole teams to learn together what is needed to collectively build their resilience. There is no one blueprint…teams are as individual as…well individuals, but in a relaxed, fun and informal environment participants will hear the latest research on this topic, learn how others have approached the need to build resilience and how each and every team member can play a role in creating a supportive, cohesive and high performing team.

This course not only helps identify specific practical actions the team can take, it also helps provide the space to consider how these actions can best be implemented.

Workshops include practical fun exercises, videos, stories, guided visualization, case studies, games, discussion and action planning.

Please note that, at present, this exact course can only be delivered in London and the South of England.  We are able to offer team resilience courses throughout the UK, please contact us if you would like to see an example of the course content.

Who is this course for?

Teams in any organisation who wish to build their resilience in order to work together better and support others.  This course is also appropriate for teams who want to take a proactive approach to change.

Key Benefits

  • Individuals in a resilient team thrive in an atmosphere of change rather than resisting it.  They can bounce back from challenges, stay productive and resist damage.
  • Resilient teams have overlapping connections and skill sets – they have a clear understanding of what these are and how together they can work towards the goals of the team
  • Individuals in resilient teams learn to value their differences, these differences broaden the team’s skill set.  Working in synergy they know that the whole team is greater than the sum of its members.
  • Resilient teams value problem solving and as a result they invest time and energy into this, they are not afraid to ask for help when needed and creatively resolve conflict.
  • Resilient team members openly discuss their ideas, thoughts and beliefs to the other members as they are working in an atmosphere of trust.
  • Resilient teams are able to engage action in the face of ambiguity, even when risks are involved, rather than waiting for stability to return.
  • Through their awareness of the importance of self-care and the value they place upon it, resilient teams know what practical actions to take in order to keep physically and emotionally healthy during periods of uncertainty

Course Content

Principle behind this course is that when working with a whole team it is possible to build trust and mutual understanding, the foundation of team cohesion. This foundation can then be used to grow individual and team resilience.

Topics include:

  • Understanding teams in the context of change and uncertainty
  • Building trust and commitment
  • Emotion regulation skills and how teams can promote their development
  • Achieving social connection and mutual understanding
  • Spotting and harnessing strengths and opportunities, the importance of stretch
  • Dealing with conflict creatively
  • The growth mindset and building a culture of greater self-responsibility
  • Building realistic optimism and a can-do mindset
  • Self-talk and the importance of reaching out
  • Understanding how neuroscience can help us better manage pressure
  • Identifying personality types and how each work when under pressure
  • Dealing with difficult personalities, from negaholics to minimal contributors
  • Building a Team Resilience Development Plan


Discuss aspects of this course with us

Discuss aspects of this course with us

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this training, please call us on 0131 476 5027 or drop an email to – [email protected]

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