Ask the Expert - Q&A's relating to various aspects of Workplace Wellbeing

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Our Ask the Expert series has been running for many years, here we bring together a selection of the workplace wellbeing questions that have been featured in this popular section of our quarterly newsletter.

Questions about the Management of Stress

Tips and answers to FAQ's about burnout

In a series of short videos, trainer Michelle Spirit offers tips and advice in answer to frequently asked questions about burnout. If you prefer to read the advice, transcriptions of each video are provided.

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How do I recognise and manage stress in remote teamworkers?

Specialist trainer Sue Butterfield offers practical advice and tips in recognising and managing stress. Sue divides her answer into six areas that you might like to consider and offers tips within each of these areas.

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Help! My manager's poor communication skills stress me and my team out

Trainer, Louise Overy, provides advice and a suggested framework to help a team leader structure the conversation they need to have with their line manager.

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Questions about Resilience, Mindfulness and Growth Mindset

What can I expect from psychological resilience trainiing?

Trainer Dot Gourlay discusses psychological resilience training. Learn about its value, including how to say ‘no’ more positively, a common ‘lightbulb’ moment experienced during courses and how we can keep the momentum going after attending a psychological resilience training course.

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How would learning mindful techniques benefit my performance at work?

Specialist trainer and executive coach, Karen Barr explains what mindfulness is and the benefits of adopting a mindfulness practice into your life.

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Using mindset theory to drive success

Specialist trainer and corporate coach, Michelle Spirit, takes a look at mindset theory. In this Ask the Expert article, she outlines how training and development can help build growth mindsets with resulting benefits for both individuals and the organisation.

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Questions about Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

What steps can I take to protect my mental health?

Specialist trainer, Christine Clark, answers a question from a reader who is looking for tips to protect their mental health following a change to their duties at work as a result of their job share being close to burnout.

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Can you recover from mental ill health?

Trainer Dawn Hardman provides a heartfelt answer to the question, "There are so many stories of people making great recoveries from serious physical illnesses, is the same true for mental ill health?”

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A Q&A about suicide first aid training

In a series of 6 short videos, trainer Christine Clark answers many of the questions people want to know about Suicide First Aid training but may not have had the opportunity to ask.

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Questions about Dignity at Work

How can I change my management style so I don't come across as a bully?

Some practical advice for our reader whose management style is under question from their team – abrupt, dismissive or aggressive, they are appalled they might be considered a bully and want to make changes.

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Is there any harm in allowing office banter?

Organisational consultant and coach, Fiona McLaren considers office banter & offers practical advice on how to create a pleasant workplace without allowing your workforce to overstep the mark.

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My practice manager is making my job unbearable

We answer a question from a reader who enjoys their job but is constantly criticised and  feels they are being bullied at work by their practice manager, leading to them dreading going to work in the morning.

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Questions about Workplace Wellbeing 

Tips and answers to FAQ's about sleep

In a series of 9 short Q&A's about sleep, facilitator and coach Mark Eyre provides some fascinating insight and valuable tips for an activity we can all struggle with at times.

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How can an organisation support staff to increase wellbeing?

Trainer, Dot Gourlay, suggests practical ways to increase wellbeing by supporting personal health awareness and promoting supportive team working practices.

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How can I keep myself and my team motivated?

Training and Development specialist, Sue Butterfield, gives some motivational tips to a reader who is struggling with both changes within their organisation and receiving little feedback from their customers.

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