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Resilience Training Courses

Developing Personal Resilience

Delegates are introduced to skills which will increase their confidence when facing the pressures and difficulties of today's challenging workplace.  A highly interactive course which includes a variety of tools and exercises.

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Developing Resilience: Training for Managers

A 1-day course which helps those with management responsibility to both improve their own personal resilience as well as learn how they can support the resilience of those they manage through a variety of exercises and facilitated discussions.

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Building Resilient teams

Training for a whole team to come together and learn what is needed, in a relaxed and informal environment, to collectively build their resilience.  Each member will leave understanding the role they play in crafting a supportive, unified and high performing team.

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Developing a Growth Mindset in the Workplace

After more than 35 years’ research, the benefits of developing a growth mindset, both for individuals and organisations, are more fully understood. Our one-day course is suitable for all and covers practical ways individuals can cultivate a growth mindset in both themselves and others.

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Mindfulness Training for Performance and Wellbeing

An introduction to the practice of mindfulness which is widely recognised as a way to improve performance and well-being.  Delegates learn core mindfulness practices and how they can develop a more mindful approach to life and work.

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Resilience: Customised Training

If you would prefer a resilience course which is customised to meet your organisation's exact requirements, we will be delighted to work with you to create and deliver a bespoke course.  We also offer a one-to-one coaching service.

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