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Mindfulness Training Courses

90-min Introduction to Mindfulness

This 90-minute course is for those who find juggling multiple daily demands can leave them feeling a bit frazzled.  The session equips participants with powerful tools that enable them to de-activate stress and respond to pressure in a calm and positive fashion.  A handout outlining all the exercises practised during the session together with suggested resources for exploring the topic more deeply is provided

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Mindfulness Training for Performance & Wellbeing

Historically, mindfulness brought benefits to many individuals but is now increasingly being used by organisations to improve employee performance and well-being.  This 1-day course introduces participants to the practice of mindfulness, provides teaching in the core mindfulness practices and supports the cultivation of a more mindful approach to life and work.

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Short, Virtual Business Mindfulness Training

Our expert trainer, Karen Barr has developed 3 courses which can be delivered virtually in a live, interactive format. Each 3-hour course is suitable for anyone in the workplace who wishes to enhance their personal effectiveness and general sense of wellbeing. The courses are entitled:
Mindfulness in the Workplace
Mindfulness for Managers
Mindful Relationships in the Workplace

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The Mindfulness Training Programme

A 16-hour programme that enables participants to develop a core, sustainable mindfulness practice.  It is suitable for anyone in an organisation who wishes to enhance their personal effectiveness and general sense of wellbeing, helping them respond to life’s pressures in a calmer way.  The programme can be delivered flexibly to suit your organisation.

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