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Mindfulness Training Courses

Mindfulness may currently be a buzz word but our course and programme have been running for over 5 years.

Our Mindfulness training courses are delivered by experienced mindfulness trainers.  They have the necessary academic background as well as practical and wide ranging experience of the business world.

We are also able to develop more customised programmes to meet the specific needs of a particular team or project.

Here are some comments from delegates who have attended our Mindfulness training sessions:

“I am pleased and surprised my company are enlightened enough to run this training.  I believe it should be on every school curriculum and in our working schedule.  I would recommend it for everyone”

“Best course yet. Really enjoyed it. Thank you!!”

“Loved the whole training and have learnt a lot. Feel inspired to be more ‘mindful’. Thank you.”

“Can we have more please! .... much appreciated from a personal & professional level”

“I will use the techniques to introduce mindfulness into my daily routine. Recommend highly this workshop to others”

Introduction to Mindfulness

This 90-minute course is for those who find juggling multiple daily demands can leave them feeling a bit frazzled.  The session equips participants with powerful tools that enable them to de-activate stress and respond to pressure in a calm and positive fashion.  A handout outlining all the exercises practised during the session together with suggested resources for exploring the topic more deeply is provided

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Mindfulness Training for performance and Wellbeing

Historically, mindfulness brought benefits to many individuals but is now increasingly being used by organisations to improve employee performance and well-being.  This 1-day course introduces participants to the practice of mindfulness, provides teaching in the core mindfulness practices and supports the cultivation of a more mindful approach to life and work.

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The Mindfulness Training Programme

A 16-hour programme that enables participants to develop a core, sustainable mindfulness practice.  It is suitable for anyone in an organisation who wishes to enhance their personal effectiveness and general sense of wellbeing, helping them respond to life’s pressures in a calmer way.  The programme can be delivered flexibly to suit your organisation.

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