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About Us

In Equilibrium

Our Mission:

“In Equilibrium’s purpose is to provide training and consultancy services to enhance resilience, health and wellbeing in the workplace in the most professional, efficient and cost effective way.”


With the number of days lost to stress, depression and anxiety in the UK in 2013 estimated at over 15 million and with personal mental health issues cited as one of the top three reasons for sickness absence, employee wellbeing is an area that no employer can afford to ignore.

In Equilibrium is a specialist consultancy working across Britain to provide practical training for managers and employees in areas that can affect wellbeing such as stress, resilience, mental health and bullying. We offer a range of training solutions from corporate coaching to full day training workshops, one hour e-Learning courses and 90 minute lunchtime seminars. Our website is also designed to provide a whole range of free resources about our specialist subject areas. We encourage you to visit our regularly updated resources section.

We have earned a reputation for providing high quality training and consultancy which represents excellent value for money. We are proud of the high level of repeat business we achieve and have the flexibility and resources to deliver our services to any organisation, irrespective of size or location. But please don’t just take our word for it, view some of our recent client testimonials and case studies.

So, if you are considering how sickness absence in your organisation could be reduced or, perhaps, looking to prepare your managers or employees for an upcoming change or re-organisation, contact us or sign up for our weekly updates or bi-monthly newsletter and start the journey to minimising the risk of stress and enhancing the wellbeing of your workforce.

Beyond expectations

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