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This training course helps delegates reflect on their management style and consider how they can build on their personal resilience skills and encourage their team members to develop a more resilient, positive approach to pressure and change. 

Course Overview

A resilient manager can help create an environment where team members are encouraged to support each other and work collaboratively, even in challenging times.

The key to this training course is the understanding that the positive attitudes and behaviours which generate resilience can be developed. The theme of the training involves introducing areas of personal resilience and how they can be improved. During this process, facilitated discussion will be used to link individual resilience to both team and organisational resilience so that managers can prepare practical action plans at the end of the course.

Key benefits of attending this course

  • A more flexible, adaptable and positive approach to change
  • More creative approaches to problem-solving
  • An understanding of the benefits of positive role modelling during challenging times
  • The ability to retain a sense of control and objectivity under pressure
  • An appreciation of the rewards of developing and restoring important relationships
  • Recognition of the importance of self-care and strategies to support those struggling
  • Skills that can help to reduce workplace/home anxiety
  • Improved understanding of personal and team boundaries and how they can be strengthened
  • Greater awareness of how teams can collectively enhance resilience and consider possibilities for developing a future resilience plan together

Who Is It For?

Developing Resilience Training for Managers is suitable for anyone with team responsibility.


The course content and capacity can be customised for individuality and to ensure organisations’ specific learning criteria are met. Consultancy to develop resilience for managers is also an option either as a standalone service or in conjunction with training.

Course Content

The course is highly interactive and contains a variety of practical exercises. Delegates receive access to online resources which can be used post-training to help them continue to develop their resilience skills.

  • The relationship between resilience, pressure, stress and adversity
  • Personal boundaries: what are they and why they are so important in building resilience?
  • Resilience Questionnaire – identify the resilience skills you already have
  • Review of individual resilience skills and how they can be used to build both team and organisational resilience
  • Exercises to develop resilience skills, such as: avoiding thinking traps to increase realistic optimism; improve listening skills and empathy;  understanding your emotions and how to respond to situations; identifying and strengthening important relationships
  • Applying the resilience skills to your team and techniques to encourage resilience in others
  • 7 Steps to enable managers to manage change more effectively
  • Personal and organisational action planning
  • How to use the course materials for on-going development

Optional follow-up training

Short follow-up sessions provide delegates with the opportunity to share their experiences and measure the change in their resiliency skills.

Version of the course for those without line management responsibility.

Our 1-day Developing Personal Resilience course contains much of the same content with regard to identifying and improving resilience skills. The focus however is wholly on the individual.

A testimonial for the Developing Resilience Training for Managers course:


"A really engaging and thought-provoking session, which enabled us to look not only at our individual resilience and how we could boost it, but also at how our collective styles have been shaped by the organisational culture."

Brighton and Hove City Council


Recent Delegate Comments from the Developing Resilience Training for Managers course:


"I enjoyed the quality of information matched with the interactive tasks brought together by a charismatic trainer."

"I have identified key areas to improve on in order to succeed at helping others to be more resilient."

"It was enlightening to realise the wealth of tools and coping mechanisms that exist to strengthen personal resilience."

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"The quality of the training has been fantastic and our employees are really engaging with the trainer and getting something out of it. Also In Equilibrium makes the whole process very easy to arrange."

— Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Officer, Sophie Holland

"We wanted to provide a course that taught useful and practical coping strategies that our members could put into place straight away. In Equilibrium’s experience showed us that they could provide this, and they tailored the course perfectly."

— The Association of Electoral Administrators

"In-Equilibrium recently presented Mental Health Awareness to Managers in all of our area offices. The training was really well received and all of the trainers were praised for their in-depth knowledge and understanding."


— Roger Bullivant Limited

"The training was very well received by staff who now all intend to implement the session’s practical tips and techniques into their existing roles. A large proportion of the staff rated the facilitator and their delivery as excellent and their only recommendation was for a further and longer session!"

— Leeds City College

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