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Developing Resilience: Training for Managers

1 Day Course

Resilience is now a key competence for managers working under pressure during periods of change. This training course helps managers improve their personal resilience as well as supporting the resilience of those they work with.


It is not possible to make progress without experiencing occasional setbacks and disappointments; however it is the way in which managers react and respond to problems that will determine the success or failure of the organisation.

Resilience is the ability to maintain your normal level of performance, or improve on it, during times of change and adversity. The key to this training course is the understanding that the positive attitudes and behaviours which generate resilience can be developed. Practical exercises are included.

The course content will be adapted to incorporate the organisation’s development priorities. The theme of the day involves introducing areas of personal resilience and how this can be improved. During this process facilitated discussion will be used to link individual resilience to both team and organisational resilience so that managers can prepare practical action plans at the end of the course.

The course is highly interactive and contains a variety of exercises. Delegates receive a comprehensive workbook and access to online resources which can be used post training to improve one or more resilience skills.

  • Duration: 1-day course
  • Capacity: 12 delegates max
  • Availability: can be delivered on-site throughout the UK and Europe
  • Customisation: can be tailored to meet an organisation’s specific requirements

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for anyone with team responsibility

Key Benefits

With full participation the delegates will achieve the following:

  • Enhanced realistic optimism balanced with a can-do attitude
  • A more flexible, adaptable and positive approach to change
  • Improved problem solving creativity skills
  • An understanding of the benefits of good role modeling during challenging times
  • Improved understanding of the benefits of building and restoring important relationships
  • Skills that can help to reduce workplace/home anxiety (regarding their job)
  • More level-headed and objective under pressure
  • Greater appreciation of the benefits of personal care and pacing oneself
  • Improved understanding of personal boundaries and how they can be strengthened
  • Greater awareness that change and adversity often creates opportunities


Course Content

  • The relationship between resilience, pressure, stress and adversity.
  • Personal boundaries: what are they and why they are so important in building resilience?
  • Resilience Questionnaire – identify the resilience skills you already have
  • Review of basic resilience skills
  • Exercises to develop resilience skills
  • Applying the resilience skills to your team
  • 7 Steps to enable managers to manage change more effectively
  • Management techniques for strengthening resilience in others
  • Personal and organisational action planning
  • How to use the course materials for on-going development


Optional follow-up training

Short follow up sessions provide delegates with the opportunity to share their experiences and measure the change in their resiliency skills.

Optional follow-up emails

To help embed the knowledge learned on the day we can provide delegates with follow-up emails revisiting the areas covered on the training course and signposting where to find further information and resources.  The final email can include a brief questionnaire to evaluate the effectiveness of the training course.

Version of the course for those without line management responsibility.

Our 1-day Developing Personal Resilience course contains much of the same content with regard to identifying and improving resilience skills. The focus however is wholly on the individual.


Contact us about this course

Discuss aspects of this course with us

Discuss aspects of this course with us

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this training, please call us on 0131 476 5027 or drop an email to – [email protected]

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What people say about In Equilibrium

Brighton and Hove City Council

“A really engaging and thought-provoking session, which enabled us to look not only at our individual resilience and how we could boost it, but also at how our collective styles have been shaped by the organisational culture.”

Delegate comments: Leading Change Resiliently

“After working in H & S for the last 14 years, this course is by far the best behavioural course I have attended”
“Useful tips for how to improve and become more resilient”
“[The trainer} was extremely knowledgeable and I feel she pitched the session perfectly for the group”

Fife Council – Resilience Training

“Very motivational trainer. Managed to keep the group focussed.
Increased self awareness that I will take forward in my day-to-day job …. cope with change and adversity
Excellent course would love to take this further to support staff I line manage”

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Hints & Tips

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Customer Comments

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