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Winter newsletter has tips to boost workplace wellbeing

The Winter 2023/24 edition of our quarterly newsletter aims to boost workplace wellbeing with tips, resources and a story to warm your heart.


NEW Course titles for 2024

Developing Wellbeing and Resilience Training
A positive and interactive 3.5 hour course to support the development of wellbeing and resilience skills, helping to maximise personal health as well as encouraging and challenging teams to grow stronger together.

Mental Health Skills for Managers - MHFA England®
A 4-hour practical and immersive Mental Health First Aid England® course which is ideal for people managers who want to help create an open culture around mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Coming soon ...
2 further courses which will be available this Spring are 'Active Bystander and Ally training' and 'Speaking up in the Workplace'.


Some tips for overcoming a sense of false urgency

Blurred image of a suited male pointing at exclamation mark hologram for overcoming culture of false urgency tip

For our latest wellbeing at work tip, we look at some signs that a culture of false urgency may exist in a workplace with tips to help overcome it for individuals, managers and team leaders.
Read this edition's tip here ...



Some external wellbeing at work resources

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Click here to see our latest round up of external resources which include:



  • A guide and toolkit for compassion at work
  • The latest annual statistics on work-related ill health from the Health and Safety Executive
  • The results of a study into the experience of disabled employees, managers and senior leaders to request, make and review adjustments in the workplace
  • A new report looking at the value of Occupational Health and Human Resources in supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace


Recent articles added to our blog

- Sympathy, Empathy, Compassion at Work - what's the difference?

- How a zookeeper and a mindfulness teacher changed lives within 2.5 hours

- Do you seek or avoid conversations about grief at work?



3 interesting external workplace wellbeing articles

  1. Accidental managers: why people who are great at their job can fail when they get promoted
    An article by Professor Cary Cooper outlining why would-be managers should not be assessed solely on technical skills but also on their people skills. Why they should have, or could be trained to have, the emotional ability to manage a group of people and the essential part these skills play in creating a better working environment for all.
  2. Five essential boundaries in the workplace – healthy workplace boundaries improve our wellbeing and prevent burnout
    Reminding us of the importance of workplace boundaries, this article presents five of the most important to help a healthy workplace culture develop which, when modelled and supported by leaders, will benefit performance, fulfilment and work life balance.
  3. Religion at work: Discrimination is commonplace
    A look at the results of recent research into religion at work which investigated the experiences of over 6000 workers in the UK and US. The report's author, Professor Binna Kandola, has expressed disappointment that people of faith tend not to be experiencing an open and inclusive environment at work.


A self-care reminder to help boost workplace wellbeing

A cup of black coffee on a wooden board with macaroons and some sprigs of greenery with a note displaying the message enjoy the little things


"We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own
‘to do’ list.”

Michelle Obama



Until next time ...

A row of colourful and assorted children's book spines
In our current times, it took some hunting down but we found a heart warming story to finish with. It's one which not only illustrates that there is no minimum age to discover the positive benefits of volunteering but also reminds us of the wellbeing boost a good book can bring!
Get your 'aww' moment here ...


Many thanks for opening this edition of our newsletter, we hope you found something of interest or value to boost workplace wellbeing.

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