Returning to work: Anxiety management and agoraphobia - A live, virtual course

New virtual course

Returning to work: Anxiety management and agoraphobia

Duration: 2 hours

As we gradually look towards returning to the workplace full-time or perhaps instituting a hybrid way of working, we have introduced a new course to help those who may be experiencing feelings of anxiety at the prospect of returning to work.

This two-hour course is for those who would like to understand what anxiety is; how issues develop; and the actions to take, based on evidence of what works, to reduce anxiety feelings in situations causing them panic.

For example, these might include: leaving home, returning to work as lockdown measures ease, being alone, being in crowded places or using public transport.

You will learn why you are experiencing feelings of panic, anxiety, difficulty concentrating or having intrusive thoughts or images, and will:

  • Learn how not to experience fear in these situations
  • Explore a range of evidence-based solutions
  • Develop a plan that, once implemented, over time, will help you feel safe in both the workplace and socially


Content includes:

  • How did this happen?
  • Understanding the problem
  • Solutions:
    • Not fighting back
    • Training the attention
    • Not avoiding the fear
    • Recognising and changing reactions
    • Learning new skills to solve anxiety issues
  • Making and implementing a recovery plan


Please get in touch with us to find out more about this course:

You can email us at


Some helpful resources:

We have many free resources on our website. The following articles may prove helpful:

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