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Brian Glass

Brian Glass

Qualified SMHFA course trainer
Qualified Choose Life Suicide Prevention courses trainer
BA Hons (English Lit)

Brian is a fully qualified trainer in Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid and the Choose Life Suicide Prevention courses (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and safeTALK – the suicide alertness programme developed for everyone) and has been involved in organising and delivering these courses within the Lothians for a number of years. He works part-time with a mental health charity supporting people in crisis with mental health issues,  providing information and support on suicide prevention.

Brian has appeared on local and national media in support of National Suicide Prevention week and is passionate about helping people in so much pain that they consider ending their own life.  He is adamant that talking about any problem will help, and in the case of suicide, can actually save lives.

As someone who is in recovery from depression and anxiety issues, his lived experience is invaluable. He brings his knowledge to the training and his open, honest talk enhances the quality of each course. Brian is also a creative artist.  He has led groups on art and is an advocate of the creative arts and how they can help mental health.

Brian delivers both the safeTALK and ASIST training, along with Scottish Mental Health First Aid.

  • Developed training courses dealing with suicide prevention over the telephone, and for helping people who constantly battle with suicidal thoughts.
  • Assisted areas of East Lothian Council develop policies and procedures for front line staff to help them deal with people in distress and for managers dealing with staff showing signs of mental distress.
  • Worked extensively with Queen Margaret University in helping to develop a programme of training to help staff and students deal with Mental distress.