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Eve Winston

Eve Winston - Expert Trainer

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

OCN Certificate in Workplace Mediation
Primary Certificate in Stress Management
D32/33 Assessor Qualification
MSc Urban Policy Studies
Diploma in Training Management
Diploma in Careers Guidance
BA Hons English/History

Eve Winston has been an In Equilibrium trainer since 2012 and operated as a full time independent trainer and consultant since 1996. During this time she has delivered training and consultancy in the Private, Public and Voluntary sectors. In the private sector these have included service and manufacturing organisations and, in the public sector, health authorities, government departments and colleges. Eve is at home working in both small and large organisations, included in her private sector experience are BA, Northern Trust, Barclays Capital and Astra Zeneca.

Eve specialises in designing and delivering in-house training in Equality & Diversity and Preventing Bullying and Harassment. Her courses can be tailored as required for both managers and employees or for a combination of both. She also covers a variety of other HR related training and consultancy areas.

Eve’s background is in education and training, working as a practitioner, policy/researcher and manager of projects, staff and resources. Her last management role before becoming an independent trainer was as a Strategic Development Manager for a Local Education Authority. Eve is a qualified and experienced trainer, workplace mediator, assessor, and careers adviser. She also has a BA (Hons) degree, an MSc in Urban Policy Studies, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Eve has recently written and published the following three eBooks which are part of the Pansophix Useful Guide library: ‘A Useful Guide to Diversity’, ‘A Useful Guide to Career Development’, A Useful Guide to Motivation’.

In Equilibrium courses with Eve

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Training course testimonials for Eve Winston

“Nervousness transformed into confidence!”
“Informative and enjoyable.”
“I hope this training will improve my performance in a positive way towards all staff.”

Training course feedback for Eve Winston

“It was a very eye opening course and made me realise how many things go on that I haven’t noticed before.”
“I have enjoyed the course. The trainer was very clear and easy to understand.”