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Shindo Barquer

Black and white head and shoulder photo of Shindo Barquer

Licensed Springboard Trainer
MA Management and Leadership
BA (Post Compulsory Education)

Shindo is an energetic and empathetic trainer who can deliver bespoke development programmes in addition to existing course offerings.  She is happy working with small groups and is also experienced at commanding attention and engagement from larger groups.

Shindo can deliver training in many areas including Equality & Diversity, Bullying and Harassment, Building Personal Resilience and Stress Management.  She is also an international speaker and mentor with a proven track record in leading, managing and developing teams.

With over 30 years policing experience, Shindo enjoys using her wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise on diversity and inclusion.  She works with organisations to create inclusive working environments and has a particular interest in improving the Gender Equality in organisations and reducing the Gender Pay Gap.



As Chair of the Domestic Homicide Panel Shindo delivered key learning on safe guarding vulnerable adults and children to key stake holders (Health, Social Workers, Local Authorities and Education).  Training inputs for raising awareness of Equality & Diversity and unconscious bias as service providers.

Delivered Continuous Professional Training to front-line staff including Police Officers, Emergency Services, Health Services and Local Authority.

Guest Lecturer at Wolverhampton University, delivering training on Hate Crime and how to identify signs and interventions.

In Equilibrium courses with Shindo

What people say about In Equilibrium courses

Shindo Barquer Stress Management Techniques Course Feedback

“Really enjoyed the course. Shindo presented it very well. She made a nice relaxed atmosphere and used real life experiences and was honest about how stress affects us all.”
“Great course, Shindo is a funny, positive and informative trainer.”

Delegate Comments: Equality and Diversity Training

“I now have a better understanding of the term ‘diversity’ and how to cater for individual needs.”
“Very in-depth course that was made interesting and engaging.”
“I feel more confident that I would deal with a situation effectively and efficiently.”