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Tinu Cornish

Tinu Cornish

MSc Occupational Psychology
Post Graduate Diploma Occupational Psychology
BSc Psychology
Facilitator’s Training
Non Violent Communication training
Level A & B Psychometric Testing:
Leadership Judgement
Hogan Personality Inventory
Myers Briggs

Tinu is a Chartered and Registered Organisational Psychologist with extensive experience consulting on diversity & inclusion and leadership. Tinu consults and trains on unconscious bias for a range of national and international clients in the private, governmental and higher education sectors.

Tinu recently carried out a Rapid Evidence Review of the research evidence on unconscious bias in higher education and is carrying out a national evaluation of unconscious bias training in conjunction with the University of Essex. Other recent research includes a study that investigated the impact of unconscious bias on the manager/staff relationship.

An advocate of using an evidence based psychological approach for diagnosing organisational issues and for the development of innovative interventions, Tinu enables organisations to benefit from understanding and integrating psychological science into the way that they manage and develop individuals, teams and leaders

Tinu is founder and Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion at Work Group, sponsored by the Division of Occupational Psychology of the British Psychological Society. A current focus is a review of the research evidence on inclusive leadership behaviours.

Tinu has a depth of experience developing minority leaders. Tinu designs and facilitates career and leadership development seminars for minority ethnic and women’s professional networks based on cutting edge research. Tinu coaches transitioning minority ethnic and women leaders. Tinu is qualified to use a range of psychometric tools.

In Equilibrium courses with Tinu

What people say about In Equilibrium courses

Tinu Cornish – Unconscious bias

“I wasn’t very familiar with the extent of unconscious bias before the course. The case examples helped with this.”

“Realised that some of what I’ve learnt in the past is counter-productive and it’s OK to change my approach.”

Feedback for Tinu Cornish on Overcoming Unconscious Bias

“Tinu was excellent. Very well prepared and pitched the level and content very accurately.”

Unconscious bias – Tinu Cornish

“Made me more aware of my own bias.”
“I have a fuller understanding of how it plays out in society and its impact in the workplace.”