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Humans are complex. Whatever we might read, there is no blueprint, no one-size-fits-all when it comes to protecting our wellbeing. However, science can help us adopt actions, choices, and thoughts most likely to bring success and stop us from relentlessly striving for the things that we think will make us well but don’t.

Why understanding the science of wellbeing is so important

This course aims to help participants -

  • Understand the fascinating scientific research now available from teams of neuroscientists, psychologists and social scientists worldwide.
  • Use this knowledge to inform decisions about the positive and practical actions that can be taken to improve health and wellbeing, whether as individuals exploring how to achieve this or leaders and managers wanting to know how they can use science to create the optimal working environment for their teams.

Key benefits of attending this course

  • Gain insight into emotional wellbeing through current scientific research, discerning effective practices from ineffective ones.
  • Achieve clarity regarding choices that enhance individual, team, and organisational wellbeing.
  • Create opportunities for introspection, enabling individuals to evaluate behaviours, thoughts, emotions, and workplace environments, safeguarding their wellbeing.
  • Make informed decisions aimed at improving overall wellbeing based on scientific understanding.
  • Implement clear actions to integrate newfound knowledge and practices,  which improves personal and organisational wellbeing.

Who would benefit from attending this course?

This course is ideal for anyone involved in wellbeing and supporting others at work. This includes employees at all levels, from frontline workers to managers and leaders, human resources professionals, occupational health specialists, and workplace counsellors. Anyone looking to enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism, encourage a positive work culture, and promote overall employee satisfaction and retention would find value in this course.

The course content and capacity can be customised for individuality and to meet organisations’ specific learning criteria. Consultancy is also an option either as a standalone service or with training.

Course Overview

The course content includes:

  • Blue zone research where large proportions live for 100 years+
  • What we strive for that we think will make us well but doesn’t
  • The things proven to impact on wellbeing :
    • Behaviours
    • Thoughts
    • Emotion regulation skills
    • Lifestyle choices (exercise, sleep, rest and nutrition)
    • Connection with others
    • Self compassion
    • Self-awareness and awareness of others
  • How to build and stick to good habits
  • Individual, team or organisational action planning

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"The quality of the training has been fantastic and our employees are really engaging with the trainer and getting something out of it. Also In Equilibrium makes the whole process very easy to arrange."

— Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Officer, Sophie Holland

"We wanted to provide a course that taught useful and practical coping strategies that our members could put into place straight away. In Equilibrium’s experience showed us that they could provide this, and they tailored the course perfectly."

— The Association of Electoral Administrators

"In-Equilibrium recently presented Mental Health Awareness to Managers in all of our area offices. The training was really well received and all of the trainers were praised for their in-depth knowledge and understanding."


— Roger Bullivant Limited

"The training was very well received by staff who now all intend to implement the session’s practical tips and techniques into their existing roles. A large proportion of the staff rated the facilitator and their delivery as excellent and their only recommendation was for a further and longer session!"

— Leeds City College

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