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The weekly updates detail the range of training and consultancy we can provide.  Each email normally highlights a specific training course and includes the learning objectives for the course along with comments from delegates who have attended the course.  A delegate, whose organisation is running a selection of our courses, recently commented “In Equilibrium courses always seem to be very interesting, informative and useful”.


Our bi-monthly newsletter aims to provide a useful collection of information and advice on personal and professional well-being.  We also include updates regarding our company news and links to training courses which may be relevant to the topics covered.

We realise email inboxes are busy places, so we put our newsletters together with care and endeavour to make it a valued addition to your inbox every 2 months.

As the proof of the pudding is in the eating, before signing up you may like to view some typical newsletter articles or see a screen shot here.

Here’s s a selection of comments we have received from our readers:

“Love your newsletters!  I share quite a few things on my Facebook page”

“Excellent newsletters.  I love receiving them”

“Every issue of your newsletter always contains something of interest or of use”

“Keep up the good work, I thoroughly enjoyed this edition and have sent it round my health and wellbeing working group”

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