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Covid-19 Specific Courses

In light of the current situation surrounding Covid-19, we are also offering our training courses in a live, virtual, interactive format. The content of all our training courses in stress management, resilience and mental health awareness can be tailored to focus on the issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, we have developed a number of courses which deal with the unique challenges employees and managers are facing during this time of unprecedented uncertainty. These courses are suitable for anyone who is looking to equip their workforce with practical skills to help them maintain their wellbeing and look positively to a time beyond the current crisis.

All of our training is delivered by experienced subject experts. Please see below a selection of our new in-house courses.  Please contact us for further information.

Training to Manage Covid Fatigue and Coronanxiety

On this 2-hour virtual course, you will learn ways to manage and control reactions and adapt lifestyles to protect both mental and physical health in response to the impact of the current pandemic. Recognising what we do have control over can improve our lifestyle choices and have a positive impact on our wellbeing.

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Team Working – Action Planning for Virtual Teams

A 2-hour facilitated virtual course to stimulate joint action planning within teams who are working together in a virtual environment - increasing communication between & support for each other. The unique feature of this course is that it is tailored to meet the needs of individual teams as content is based on the main findings of a pre course questionnaire.

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Managing our Mental Health while Working from Home

This 3.5 hour virtual course focuses on emotion regulation and building resilience to help people cope with the challenges of remote working. Delegates learn practical skills during a fun, engaging session full of group exercises, discussion, creative thinking and problem solving.

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Stress Management Techniques

A half-day course which enables participants to understand the meaning of stress and how to differentiate it from pressure. A toolkit of stress management techniques and exercises is provided for delegates to take away, so they can practise those which work best for them.

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Managing Burnout

A live, virtual course which helps participants understand what has caused symptoms of burnout (such as physical and mental exhaustion, social detachment, and a reduced sense of worth).  The course introduces them to practical actions that will help positively address the condition, based on the latest scientific evidence of what works and what doesn’t.

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Training to protect psychological wellbeing and safety of remote workers

This 3-hour virtual course for managers and leaders raises awareness of the impact of the challenges of remote working on the mental health of their team members. Delegates learn how to spot someone is struggling and take action to provide reassurance and support, whilst looking after their own wellbeing.

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Strategies to promote a good night’s sleep

During this 2-hour workshop, which is delivered live online, delegates explore the importance of sleep and how to make realistic changes to improve their sleep quality and quantity. The workshop is highly interactive with exercises, checklists and action planning and includes guidance from the Health & Safety Executive and the NHS.

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The Science of Wellbeing

A 2-hour course to help participants explore recent research on the science of wellbeing. Participants will then use this knowledge to inform decisions; whether as individuals to improve their own health and wellbeing, or as leaders and managers wanting to know how they can use science to create the optimal working environment for their teams.

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Returning to work: Anxiety Management & Agoraphobia

Understand what anxiety is, how issues develop, and the actions to take (based on evidence of what works), to reduce feelings of anxiety in situations causing panic.  In this 2-hour course participants will learn how not to experience fear in these situations, explore a range of evidence-based solutions, and develop a plan to help them feel safe.

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