This app has a 25-minute guided meditation that combines soothing music with talking you through the relaxation process. The calming female voice works quickly!  This meditation session, like most others has more impact the more you practice.

  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Written and read by Shazzie Love.
  • Gentle guidance to relax the whole body and mind.
  • You can also set a wake-up alarm through the built-in alarm clock before launching the session.
  • Music and sounds created by Ali Calderwood.

Stop Panic & Anxiety Self Help

stop panic and anxiety management self help

Made specifically for people suffering from panic disorders, Stop Panic & Anxiety Self Help has several features for those regularly experiencing panic and anxiety attacks. The app uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approaches to help users reframe their negative thought patterns which may contribute to their anxiety. It also features relaxation audios, an anxiety diary, and emotional training tools.

  • Available on Android only

What’s Up?

what's up logo

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) involves learning more about how you think and how your thoughts affect your emotions. If you have anxiety, it can mean the difference between having a panic attack and tackling your fear and worry head on. This app trains anxiety, depression and anger sufferers how to identify negative thoughts.

Starts with a simple presentation to reinforce the message that ‘You are not alone”

  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Includes sections entitled ‘help right now’, ‘coping strategies’, ‘information’ and ‘personal’.
  • Features breathing techniques, habit and anxiety trackers & positive quotes.
  • Lists the 12 common negative thinking patterns and simple methods to overcome them
  • 10 metaphors to help you cope with negative feelings
  • Includes a catastrophe scale. Put your problems into a better perspective when things are too much
  • A grounding game containing over 100 fun questions to help keep you grounded and in the present when stress is taking over
  • 3 simple breathing techniques for keeping calm and relaxed

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal Logo

By cultivating a habit of noting down the things we are grateful for we can feel more positive and optimistic about the future.

The gratitude journal gets users to make a list of 5 things they are grateful for everyday.

  • Available on iOS and Android

Gratitude Journal 365 Pro (£1.99)

Gratitude Journal 365 Logo

The paid for version is also a gratitude journal app which gets users in to the habit of writing down the things they appreciate in life.  Users can also add photos giving them a wall of positive photographic memories for the month.

  • Available on iOS and Android



This app uses a variety of psvchological techniques to help boost mood and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Available on iOS

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