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Louise Overy

Louise Overy Expert Trainer

British Psychological Society Level B certificate in psychometric assessment
Qualified to use SHL’s OPQ, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Step 1 and Step 2), and the 16PF
mBIT Certified Coach
BSc Hons Psychology
BA Hons Geography

Louise combines a practical HR background with experience in training, coaching, facilitation and assessment.  She brings her extensive knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, to her aim of enhancing working life and productivity for individuals, teams and organisations.  She does this through working with them to improve communication, relationships and performance, the essentials of a satisfying and successful work environment.

Participants of Louise’s workshops and courses highly rate her engaging style, knowledge, warmth and support.  Participants are challenged and encouraged to apply their new insights and learning for the future.

In recent years Louise has focused on building resilience and managing stress; assertiveness techniques; influencing skills through clear and positive communications and relationships; and team building.

She has introduced and developed organisational processes, including performance management and succession planning, always focusing on how business and personal objectives can be achieved effectively and compatibly to create a work environment where people can flourish and be at their best.

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In Equilibrium courses with Louise

What people say about In Equilibrium courses

Louise Overy Trainer – Stress and Lifestyle Management

“Enjoyable, collaborative, course itself was relaxing, Louise’s enthusiasm enhanced”

“An open, honest & pragmatic source of practical tools to deal with stress”

The Royal National College for the Blind

“I can honestly say that the Stress Management training day our SMT participated in recently was one of the most thought-provoking and impactful events of this nature that I have attended.”

Managing Stress and Mental Health

“I felt that Louise was very warm and friendly and very knowledgeable about the subject, thank you”
“Great insight to stress and mental health illnesses that can be applied to real-life scenarios”
“Interesting and thought provoking. provided good discussion points”
“Very engaging with comments and questions”