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Michelle Spirit

Black and white head and shoulder photo of Michelle Spirit

MSc in Human Resource Development
Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Training Management
Mental Health Nursing
Diploma in Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy
Coaching Certificate
Psychometric Testing Levels A and B
16PF, MTQ48 and Insights Discovery

Michelle, Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, is a Human Resource Specialist able to work at both strategic and operational level.

In her role as a senior In Equilibrium consultant, Michelle takes responsibility for the management and delivery of major training and consultancy projects.  With a flair for delivering memorable, thought-provoking support and learning based on cutting edge biopsychosocial research, Michelle is skilled at translating this research into practical tools and techniques which help organisations and individuals manage stress, build resilience and understand mental health issues.

Michelle has spent over 20 years working with organisations and individuals in the Private, Public and Higher Education Sectors. Her particular areas of interest and expertise are Stress Management, Resilience Skills, Mental Health and Mindfulness.

As a qualified Mental Health Nurse and psychotherapist Michelle also works with clients on a one-to-one basis, focusing primarily on clients with anxiety and depressive related disorders.

Michelle’s experience includes authoring a model of learner support for 150 private sector supervisors and managers based on learning champion and mentoring models along with delivering mental health awareness training to supporters of some of the more disadvantaged members of the community.

Michelle is communicative, intuitive, able to establish and sustain strong relationships with clients and achieve exceptional results in complex environments.

In Equilibrium courses with Michelle

What people say about In Equilibrium courses

Training course feedback for Michelle Spirit

“Michelle was very open and honest and created a safe learning environment.”

“Michelle was great with group, focussed but fun as well.”

Hereford Sixth Form College

“Michelle’s expertise and diplomatic approach to such a sensitive topic was exemplary. Her methodical pace and comprehensive understanding of the legal, psychological and administrative realities of this field have really helped get a conversation going across the whole college and take matters to the next level. The wider support from In-Equilibrium has also ensured both Michelle’s sessions went smoothly and professionally. I recommend the course unreservedly.

Michelle Spirit – Team Resilience

“Was stressed about the idea of taking a day out of the office – but very glad to have stepped away and got some perspective!”
“Very good course and good insight into resilience which can be put into practice”