Bullying Behaviours You May Recognise

Bullying Behaviours You May Recognise

Posted by Jan Lawrence


A short (3 mins, 5 secs) film about some bullying behaviours you may recognise…

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Below is a transcript of the text from the film:

Common patterns of bullying behaviours

Most of us are aware of the typical stereotypes of the bully….

A person who behaves in a loud, mean rude way in order to get others to fear them and give in to their demands.

But there are many different sets of bullying behaviours some of which you may recognise….

There’s the “Two-faced” hypocrite….

A person who acts like a trusted colleague but stabs people in the back, gossips and takes credit for other’s work.

The Expert

An expert in their field

But lacking in emotional intelligence

See themselves as superior to colleagues and perhaps even above the rules!

The Attention Seeker

Like to be in the spotlight, “me, me, me!”

The Critic

Makes recipient shrink in size with their constant criticism.

The Gatekeeper

Holds back the tools/skills colleagues need to get the job done…

The Sociopath

Though intelligent in many ways.  People might describe them as “well spoken” “charismatic” “charming”.  They are severely lacking in empathy for others while at the same time being experts at getting what they want.

The Practical Joker

What might have been funny at first becomes quite cruel after a while.  Not every prankster is a bully but sometimes the line between being funny and cruel is very thin.

The cold freeze

Actively exclude individuals from social events, leaving the victim feeling like they don’t fit in

– not inviting them to meetings etc.

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