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Resilience at Work

Social health and its importance to us and our workplace

By Amanda Furness | 29 June 2023

A look at perhaps the most difficult of the pillars of health wellbeing to measure, social health. We explore the benefits good social health brings to individuals and organisations together with some tips for creating social health opportunities in the workplace.

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Resilience at work : Internal v external locus of control & other terms unravelled

By Amanda Furness | 25 February 2022

We pose 3 questions to help explain some resilience terms that can cause confusion but are all relevant to resilience at work.

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Empathetic Leadership – Will 2022 be the year we decide it’s here to stay?

By Amanda Furness | 28 January 2022

With empathy being recognised as no longer just a useful soft skill that some leaders might have, we take a look at some of the fundamentals of empathetic leadership along with 4 tips for growing this key tool in a leader’s armoury.

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Take 10 to settle and calm your mind

By Amanda Furness | 11 June 2021

In this post we include a 10-minute video in which trainer Karen Barr gently guides us though a short exercise to help calm our minds and reduce the chatter in our heads. There are also links to some other helpful articles, details about our mindfulness training and feedback comments from those who have experienced it.

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Read me, Think about me, Watch me … 3 resilience tips

By Amanda Furness | 18 December 2020

Some resilience tips in differing formats to suit a variety of preferences – a short article to read, a visual quote to think about and an engaging video to watch.

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Help your team thrive in times of ambiguity and change

By Amanda Furness | 11 December 2020

A look at the resilience skills a leader can demonstrate together with 3 leadership behaviours that can help a team thrive in times of ambiguity and change.

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Examples of the key characteristics of a resilient manager

By Amanda Furness | 06 April 2020

A definition of resilience together with an overview of the key characteristics which will be displayed by a resilient manager.

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Resilient Social Worker

Resilience Training Courses for Social Workers

By Jan Lawrence | 06 February 2020

We have received some excellent feedback from the training in resilience that we ran for teams of social workers. Most people would agree that the job of a social worker is emotionally as close to the coal face as you can get. Social Workers play a vital role in the community but the work can…

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Workplace Mindfulness Initiatives – why the words you use matter

By Amanda Furness | 14 June 2019

Why the approach taken, course title and description all need careful consideration if workplace mindfulness initiatives are to succeed.

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Using Mindset Theory to Drive Success

By Amanda Furness | 22 February 2019

Specialist trainer and corporate coach, Michelle Spirit, takes a look at mindset theory and outlines how training and development can help build growth mindsets with resulting benefits for both individuals and the organisation.

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