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Communication at work – be aware of the pitfalls of co-rumination

By Amanda Furness | 01 November 2023

We offer 5 tips for helping to develop healthy interactions at work in order to increase wellbeing and avoid co-rumination.

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Why Time-Strapped Managers Need Stress Management Training

By Amanda Furness | 31 August 2023

10 reasons why finding time for stress management training is essential for busy managers, including how it can boost productivity, well-being, and success.

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Having trouble sleeping? We offer 8 suggestions to help get better sleep

By Amanda Furness | 13 April 2023

We’ve created an infographic with 8 tips to help get better sleep, included some helpful sleep resources, and provided details of our short workplace training course with strategies to promote a good night’s sleep.

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Suggested resources to help improve listening skills

By Amanda Furness | 05 January 2023

Listening is known to be one of the keys to effective communication and yet it is a skill which is rarely taught and that many of us do not truly develop. To start the year, we have collated a short selection of resources to help improve listening skills.

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Photo taken from the back of a class with young people sitting on theatre style chairs listening to a teacher at the front of the room.

Education – The value of Stress Management Training for School Leaders & Business Managers

By Amanda Furness | 08 November 2022

In a look at stress management training for school leaders, we highlight the areas some recent learners felt were of particular value, the practical tools they took away, and the importance they expressed of attending such training.

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Wellbeing at work – what are the signs of burnout to look out for?

By Amanda Furness | 22 November 2021

With a reported rise of more than 200% in searches for the phrase ‘signs of burnout’ in the past 3 months, this post includes some suggestions employers and individuals can consider in order to help improve wellbeing at work and keep burnout at bay.

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Managing Burnout: A new, live, virtual course

By Jan Lawrence | 14 April 2021

This live, virtual course will help participants understand what has caused the symptoms of burnout and introduce them to practical actions that will help them to positively address the condition based on the latest scientific evidence of what works and what doesn’t.

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Acute, Episodic and Chronic Stress – What’s the difference?

By Amanda Furness | 09 April 2021

A look at the differences between acute, episodic and chronic stress, with a reminder of the stress response, common stress symptoms and some tips for recovery from stress.

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A simple framework for supporting staff during the pandemic

By Jan Lawrence | 23 January 2021

The CUSP framework can be applied to any situation where pressure is present, particularly useful during the pandemic. What it does is get you thinking about your options in a structured way. There are always options because the experience of stress is individual and depends largely on perceptions. If you can change or influence someone’s perceptions, the way they think about a situation, then the stress can be prevented or reduced.

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Attention residue may be killing your productivity

By Amanda Furness | 15 April 2019

A brief explanation of the term’ attention residue’, its effects on productivity and 4 tips to help reduce it and increase productivity in the workplace.

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