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Do you seek or avoid conversations about grief at work?

By Amanda Furness | 07 December 2023

For this year’s National Grief Awareness Week (2 – 8 December) we have reviewed and updated the section on grief within our mental health resources and consider why we may avoid conversations about grief at work.

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Creating a great workplace – ensure team psychological safety

By Amanda Furness | 10 October 2023

What exactly is team psychological safety and how does building it in the workplace benefit individuals, those who lead them and the organisation as a whole … we offer a 5min read to help you find out.

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Supporting Suicide Prevention in the Workplace

By Amanda Furness | 07 September 2023

By acting to establish a supportive environment in the workplace, we can all help to create a world where suicide is preventable and mental health prioritised. For this year’s World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September, we highlight 4 ways that we can Create Hope Through Action at work and contribute to suicide prevention.

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Tips to help support the mental health of on and offshore energy workers

By Amanda Furness | 12 June 2023

Some practical tips and suggestions relating to a few of the key results of a study into the mental health of on and offshore energy workers. Includes a brief reminder of the business case for investing in mental wellbeing together with links to four articles which may be of interest to leaders and managers.

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Returning to the Workplace – Re-entry Anxiety

By Amanda Furness | 25 October 2021

Who would have thought in 2018 that Re-entry Anxiety would be a term that would become embedded in our common vocabulary by 2021? In this article we look at what it is, the considerations it poses for organisations, along with actions leaders and individuals can take to move forward positively and harmoniously.

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The Right to Disconnect & tips for the work/life boundary

By Amanda Furness | 21 July 2021

The debate around a right to disconnect is gaining momentum – we take a look at the potential benefits and drawbacks, consider the root causes, and offer 3 tips for making the work/life boundary clearer.

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Loneliness is not just a personal issue

By Amanda Furness | 05 July 2021

Loneliness has many dimensions, this post includes suggested actions for organisations and a collection of resources for individuals and workplaces.

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Kindness and its role in mental health in the workplace

By Amanda Furness | 03 June 2021

A look at kindness – the differences between it, altruism and compassion, how it can benefit mental health in the workplace, and some tips for developing a kindness culture at work.

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Delegate actions from training to manage covid fatigue and coronanxiety

By Ellie McLavin | 22 December 2020

Practical, realistic actions from delegates who attended the training to manage covid fatigue and coronanxiety virtual, facilitated course.

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Self-care for HR Professionals

By Ellie McLavin | 01 December 2020

Self-care tips for HR Professionals who are facing increasing pressure and demands as organisations respond and adapt to the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic

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