Good News Stories to Take to the Land of Nod

Good News Stories to Take to the Land of Nod

Posted by Amanda Furness

When I sat down to write this column, I struggled to come up with an upbeat topic as it made me realise that I’m going through one of those periods when there’s not a lot to report. Please don’t get the tissues out, it’s nothing drastic, just various people (and pets) who need a lot of looking after which isn’t leaving much time or energy for anything enjoyable. In one sense it makes me grateful that I realise it’s a phase and gives me the chance to give back for some of the pleasure and enjoyment they have given me over the years – those accountancy classes all those years ago must have stuck in my brain more than I gave them credit for as, in my head, I see it as a levelling of the emotional balance sheet!

However, what it has made me aware of is the importance laughter and compassion play in my everyday life. So, since I’m not getting out and about much, finishing a long day off with half an hour in front of the news isn’t exactly cutting the mustard. Instead, I’ve made it a personal crusade to try and find a good news stories to take to the land of nod with me. The following are a couple of my favourites and whether you’re going through a happy period or one a bit like me, I hope they’ll brighten up your day as they did mine.

A fourteen year old boy in California broke his glasses practising taekwondo. Having worn glasses since he was five, he realised in the week he was without his current pair, how disadvantaged he became. So, once his sight was restored, he set up an organisation which collects used glasses from opticians and delivers them to some of the 12 million children worldwide who don’t have the corrective eyewear they need. Now 17, he really enjoys travelling to India and Mexico to see the difference his work is making, “That dazed look the first time (children) get glasses, and just seeing that turn into joy and happiness … it’s just really inspiring”.

How about the rescue cat that goes camping, hiking and rock climbing with her owner? He’s trained her to follow him and not wander off on her own and she has become quite the perfect climbing partner, complete with her own equipment! My description really doesn’t do this story justice, so to put a smile on your face, check out some of the photos of their adventures here.