Tackling Sexual Harassment at Work – training course now available

Tackling Sexual Harassment at Work – training course now available

Posted by Amanda Furness


Recent media coverage together with the ‘MeToo’ campaign have highlighted how serious a problem sexual harassment at work still is.  In an extensive piece of research carried out in 2016, the TUC in collaboration with The Everyday Sexism Project discovered that more than half of the women surveyed had experienced sexual harassment at work, this figure increasing to almost two-thirds amongst those in the 18 – 24 year age group.

Shockingly, in the same report, almost 80% of those who had experienced sexual harassment at work did not tell their employers.  The reason for their decision varied  but common explanations included a belief that it would negatively impact their relations at work or their future career prospects, being too embarrassed to talk about it and the feeling that they would not be believed or taken seriously.

In addition to the personal impact and mental health implications to individuals, sexual harassment at work can lead to under-performance of both individuals and teams as well as cause damage to the culture of an organisation.  It is for these reasons we have added “Tackling Sexual Harassment at Work” to our selection of tackling bullying in the workplace courses.

This one-day course can be run at your organisation, is suitable for all to attend and will be facilitated by a skilled and experienced trainer.  The course is participative and is adapted to meet the needs of each group of participants.  It aims to equip anyone who is harassed with the confidence to speak out whilst disarming anyone who perpetrates harassment by creating awareness of inappropriate behaviours.

A version of the course is also available for managers.  It considers the manager’s role in building a culture where sexual harassment at work behaviours are not accepted.

Further details of both versions of the Tackling Sexual Harassment at Work course can be found on our website.