Re-charge Yourself – Stress Tip

Posted by Jan Lawrence

We all know that sitting in front of a computer screen or in a meeting all day isn’t good for us.  However, what we may not realise is that our hearts have to work harder pumping the blood around our bodies when we are at a standstill for a long period.  If we add in to the equation that our breathing gets shallower when we concentrate, we can be left with too little oxygen in our systems to keep our energy levels up.

So a few times a day, instead of reaching for another cup of caffeine, focus briefly on deep breathing.  For a series of ten breaths imagine your body as an empty battery – you exhale all the stale breath from your body and each time you inhale imagine yourself on a quiet beach inhaling the salt-scented clean air whilst all the invaluable negative ions it contains work their magic by giving energy to all areas of your body.

It’s almost as if you are re-charging yourself!