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Resources include a guide for leaders on purpose in business


The resources featured in our early Autumn 2018 newsletter:

Future Assured – 2018 Cigna 360° Well-being Survey

This year Cigna extended their survey to 23 countries which includes the UK.  Regarding workplace wellness, the report highlights that the need for employers to manage workplace stress is rising but also acknowledges the potential that stress management has in terms of attracting and retaining staff, with 73% of millennials agreeing that workplace wellness plans were important in choosing between two potential employers.

Report on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The Women and Equalities committee at the House of Commons have produced a report following a 6-month inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace. They state that, “Currently, there is little incentive for employers and regulators to take robust action to tackle and prevent unwanted sexual behaviours in the workplace” and are calling on the Government to put sexual harassment at the top of the agenda, their report recommends a 5-point plan to tackle sexual harassment at work.

The what, the why and the how of purpose – a guide for leaders

With more people looking to work for companies that have a purpose rather than purely generating profit, The Chartered Management Institute highlights 5 reasons why companies are becoming purpose driven.  They supported research and have produced a white paper which includes interviews exploring this subject with leaders of 14 of the largest UK and international brands.

Aggression at work can lead to ‘vicious circle’ of misconduct

A study led by the University of East Anglia has found that being the recipient of aggression in the workplace can not only affect the victim’s health but also lead them to behave badly towards others.  In the past research has examined the health-related consequences for victims but little work has been done on the negative impact that workplace aggression may have on the victim’s own behaviour at work.  The results have implications, amongst others, for designing programmes aimed at increasing employees’ wellbeing.

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