Six Thinking Hats

Posted by Jan Lawrence


The Six Thinking Hats is a problem solving and decision making process which is particularly useful tool to help people think in a variety of ways instead of relying on their preferred method of decision making. The process was first published in 1985 by Edward de Bono.

For example, rational thinkers can overlook emotional objections and may find implementing change can be more difficult as other people may raise barriers resulting from their feelings. The benefits of creativity may also be harder to envisage for the rational thinker.

Emotional thinkers may fail to look at issues calmly from the perspective of others and can miss the opportunity for contingency planning. Pessimists may resort to defensiveness & may become entrenched in their negativity.

Using the full range of Thinking Hats ensures that individuals and teams can benefit from bringing together different ways of thinking, resulting in better decision making.

Each colour of hat represents a different way of thinking. The pdf shows how the Six Thinking Hats works using the subject of CCTV as an example.