South Tyneside Homes – Testimonial

South Tyneside Homes – Testimonial

Posted by Jan Lawrence

“Why did we choose In-Equilibrium?  Simple answer really.  They listened.  They listened to our concerns.  They listened to our expectations.  They listened to our staff.  Then they asked us questions.  And again they listened.  This approach has resulted in delivery of a truly bespoke course that has hit exactly the right note with our staff.

The sessions on Resilience and Managers Managing Stress have helped us all deal with the many short term challenges organisations inevitably go through. I have a strong belief that with the continued post training support and resources on offer from In-Equilibrium our staff can meet the long term challenges and objectives head on.

Thank you In-Equilibrium for a professional service. “

Anthony O’Hara, Organisational Development Advisor, South Tyneside Homes