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This testimonial was provided following the delivery of a customised course based on our Bullying in the Workplace training

“The combined programmes of Change Management and Dignity Awareness delivered by Fiona McLaren to Havens Hospices staff have been a success. At all times Fiona dealt effectively with issues discussed and proved a positive influence to our staff. The evaluations feedback has been positive and our staff were highly impressed by Fiona’s professional approach and her skills as a facilitator. I would certainly use Fiona again for any Management or Staff training programmes and would recommend In-Equilibrium who are professional in their approach to training.”

Who was trained (role and level in org)?

CEO, Directors, Senior Managers, Line Managers, Team Leaders and staff. Basically everyone in every role across the organisation.

What problem did you want In Equilibrium’s training to address?

The culture of “perceived” Bullying and Harassment and enabling staff to understand each other’s differences to enable staff to work effectively and harmoniously together, with our Executive team leading by example.

What was their solution and what programme / training was delivered?

The Dignity and Awareness programme was set up as a half day programme and delivered over a number of times to all staff within the hospice.

What was the outcome?

Staff had the opportunity to air their concerns in a safe environment and to become more aware of their own behaviours and the impact to others.

Were the skills/behaviours learned being used 3/6/12 months later?

All staff are aware of their own behaviours and how they affect others they work with. This work has led to the organisation using behavioural competencies.

Why was In Equilibrium selected?

The previous Head of HR identified and recommended In Equilibrium to the Head of Education. In Equilibrium provided a strong training programme and trainer who met the needs of the organisation as identified within the training needs anaylsis.

Education, Training & Development Manager, Jackie Wiggins

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