5 Tips to Reduce Your Personal Stress at Work

5 Tips to Reduce Your Personal Stress at Work

Posted by Amanda Furness

There are many contributors to feelings of stress at work, some of them may be outwith our control but the five listed below are practical measures we can all try to help improve our workplace environment.

Personalise your desk – recent studies have shown that the efficiency and productivity of those who have a personal item on their desk is higher than those who don’t. So a favourite photo may be helpful but your entire paperweight collection may add to your stress levels by creating clutter and adding to your feelings of not being able to see the wood from the trees.

Bring your own plant to work – not only will it give out valuable oxygen to counteract your exhaled carbon dioxide but it is also thought to improve your creativity and productivity, not to mention giving you something to vent your thoughts on – even if talking to plants to help them grow is considered an old wives tale!

Silence – blocking out noise by perhaps wearing headphones, particularly in an open plan office, can improve your mood and help you to be more focussed and productive.

Remember to move – sitting and looking at a digital screen all day is not good for either our bodies or our eyesight … try to get up at least a couple of times an hour to move your muscles and to let your eyes focus on something other than a screen (please note that checking your mobile phone doesn’t count for this one!).

Increase your Vitamin D levels – most of us are aware that the UK climate leaves many of us deficient in this important vitamin. Try to get outside for a walking break at lunchtime to give your body the chance to absorb some sunlight, particularly as we move into the winter months when it may be dark on our journey both to and from work.