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And everything worked out for the best – or did it?

In her column for our Winter newsletter, Amanda finds she has difficulty with only hearing half a story and inadvertently comes up with a goal for 2022.

Do you ever find yourself wishing you knew the end to a story, having heard the beginning?

As a bit of a radio addict, I’ve lost count of the times I hear the beginning of a story about a situation involving a person, animal, building or place during a news programme or similar.  But the powers that be don’t then revisit it at a later date (within my hearing anyway). So you're left not knowing how things developed and what the outcome was.

It’s not a big deal but I do find that as I get older, these unfinished stories bother me more.  I’m obviously one of those who likes a beginning, middle and end; or am perhaps just plain nosey!  If I’m brutally honest, I think there’s also an element of reassurance. That it isn't just a temporary memory lapse and I really didn’t know how things played out.

Somewhat different from those conversations I seem to be having more frequently with my kids. I'll ask about something and get told we’ve already had this conversation, which thankfully is currently enough of a catalyst for me remember that they’re quite right.  Apart from the odd and reassuring occasion when I’m adamant I didn’t know whatever, and they grudgingly end up admitting it might have been something they shared with their father instead!

I think it may be the reason I have such difficulty in ever giving up on a book and deciding it’s just not for me.  A skill my other half is great at.  He goes by the, totally correct, approach that there are more books in this world than any of us will ever have time to read. There, therefore, being no point in wasting valuable time on ones that aren’t for you.  If he hasn’t engaged within the first 30 pages, the book gets put on the discard pile.  Obviously, a case of the bookworm versus the slow worm in our house, as I haven’t yet developed this ability and  persevere to the end like a clock that needs winding.

So, maybe I’ve just uncovered one of my goals for 2022.  But, as far as my radio listening is concerned, wouldn’t it be great if there was a website where all these unfinished stories that are broadcast were told in their entirety ... you could say it’s already been done and is called a search engine, but that relies on the operator being able to remember enough of the initial detail to come up with the correct keywords for the search box!



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