Newsletter Articles – super foods for stress relief, mental illness on the job and others

Posted by Amanda Furness

Super Foods for Stress Relief
Zinc, magnesium, serotonin, dopamine … at first glance this article looks like it could have come out of a science lesson. It actually makes a great case for twelve foods we should look to add to our diet when we’re feeling under pressure, and the good news is they’re all tasty so you won’t have to shut your eyes and hold your nose to get them down!

Employee Wellbeing is as Important to the City as the Health of its Businesses
Article written by the Lord Mayor of London which suggests training managers in stress management and wellbeing as one of the things business can do to help the health of their employees.

Men Need to Open Up About Depression Not Man Up and Keep Quiet
Honest and thought provoking article which begins with the stark statistic that suicide is now the leading cause of death in men under 50, and concludes that “We need to change the way we think about not only mental health, but also men, because it is actually stopping men get the help they need.”

The Best Teams Act Like Musicians
Interesting article on what we can learn about communication and dealing with conflict from conductor-less musical groups. It covers nine areas, each section looking at the benefits the musicians gain and then relating how this could work in the workplace.

Mental Illness on the Job
How business can address the challenge of mental illness in the workplace
A case study of Richard Boulet who was a successful architect before hitting rock bottom, “In retrospect, I was drinking my life away in order to numb the pain, and I had no idea what was happening to me other than I couldn’t function.”

… and finally …

This video may mean investing 1minute and 18seconds of your life that you won’t get back but it imparts an important message that most of us need to be reminded of and for that reason, in our opinion, it is worth every second – watch it here.