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Newsletter Issue 50 – May/June 2009

Welcome to the busy May/June edition of “In Equilibrium”.

In this issue, along with all the regular features, we bring you details of our two new courses entitled “Managing Anger in the Workplace” and “Dealing with Change”; provide a timely tip concerning worrying; offer a new case study which illustrates the benefits a council department experienced from running a managing change programme and addressing anger and hostility in the workplace; and bring you an interesting article from Dr David Mason Brown who recommends “How to Keep Well in Wartime” and reveals that, in many respects, our lifestyle choices during the current global recession haven’t changed since World War Two.

The newsletter will be taking a break over the summer months but will be back, hopefully bursting with fresh ideas and news, in early autumn.  So may we be amongst the first to wish you a very happy, healthy and restful summer holiday whenever and wherever you choose to spend it.

In Equilibrium News

New one-day course entitled “Managing Anger within the Workplace” now available

This course goes beyond the typical approaches to managing anger and hostility.  Participants will develop an understanding of hostile and negative behaviour; they will learn about the impact anger has on personal behaviour; be introduced to a step by step approach to managing anger in both themselves and others; and will leave the course with a knowledge of the necessary tools and techniques to be able to plan their personal strategy for managing anger in the workplace. 

“Dealing with Change” workshop.

Our second new one-day course has been well-received in the current climate whereby organisations may have to deal with restructuring or, as a last resort, make redundancies.  Participants are offered practical tools and techniques to help understand their own response to change and how they can deal with, and perhaps even enjoy, some of the challenges change can bring.

Contract awarded by M&G Group

We are delighted to have been chosen by M&G Investments to help their managers build and maintain their resilience in the current financial meltdown. 

CIPD HRD Conference and Exhibition : 21 – 23 April 2009 May we take this opportunity to thank everyone who visited our stand during the HRD Conference, a busy but very rewarding few days.

Case Study – Dealing with Change & Addressing Anger and Hostility in the Workplace
Our latest case study illustrates how a customer services department within a Borough council benefited from a managing change programme.  The department was going through significant changes which were sudden and drastic.  Our consultant noticed that some of the staff in the department were extremely passive aggressive.  The case study highlights examples of this type of behaviour and describes how addressing anger and hostility can not only lead to improved morale, both in individuals and teams, but also result in huge cost-savings for the organisation.

Stress Management Tip
This month’s tip suggests that before you spend time worrying about something, check first if it’s a productive or an unproductive worry. 

How to keep well in Wartime and at times of Economic Recession
In his latest article, our medical consultant Dr David Mason Brown recommends “How to keep well in Wartime” by Dr Clegg and illustrates how much of the advice given regarding lifestyle and personal well-being during World War Two is still relevant today.


We found the following websites interesting:

www.nhs.uk/Change4Life – recently launched campaign by the Government in the light of expert advice which stated that without any intervention 90% of today’s children will be overweight or obese by 2050.  Although full services on the website are only available to those living in England, you can still benefit from some of the useful information if you live in another part of the UK.  Geared towards families, there are tips on how to ensure you and yours get the recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day; suggestions as to how to get your 5 fruit and vegetable portions; a selection of myth busters regarding exercise and nutrition; and some good tips and suggestions on the old ‘snacking’ topic.

www.walkingworks.org.uk – the first ever ‘Walk to Work Week’ may have just finished but this website has loads of information on how to fit walking into your life.  It has sections on both ‘Walking and You’ and ‘Walking and the Workplace’.  There are tips to remind us how to walk properly; website suggestions to help plan your route; the business benefits to active employees; as well as a section on who to contact if you have any concerns about the streets in your local area.

Amanda’s Column

Amanda’s not off to chase her rainbow just yet, but is determined to be more sympathetic towards those that do.

Stress in the News

Parliamentary “Well-being Economics” group sets out challenge to GDP
A new all-party parliamentary group met for the first time at the end of March to discuss well-being economics.  “The group aims to challenge GDP as the government’s indicator of national success and promote new measures of societal progress.  The group will discuss issues such as the establishment of national well-being measures, the economic costs of stress and policies to promote well-being.”

and finally, even if you’re not green fingered it may be an idea to …

Bring the outdoors in with an office allotment
A great article which illustrates how office plants can improve staff well-being.  At the same time as boosting air quality, they can also boost staff morale and productivity.  Did you know, for example, that orchids clear from the air the chemical emissions released from computer screens and photocopiers?


“Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” Josh Billings (pen name for Henry Wheeler Shaw), American Journalist and Lecturer (1818 – 1885)

“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.” Napoleon Hill American Author (1883 – 1970)

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  Please remember that we are always delighted to receive your comments as they are one of the measures we use to ensure our quality and content is consistent and relevant.

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