Newsletter Issue 56 – July/August 2010

Newsletter Issue 56 – July/August 2010

Posted by Jan Lawrence

Welcome to the Summer edition of In Equilibrium.

As it’s the holiday season, we’ve tried to keep this copy light, in terms of length rather than content! However, you’ll still find the usual items together with some useful tips to help you overcome the dreaded “Monday morning” feeling; an interesting case study on using coaching in the aftermath of bullying; and details of a campaign to try to get the nation hydrated.

In Equilibrium News

Corporate Coaching

Details are now available on our website which outline the diverse range of areas where our corporate coaching services have been successfully utilised.  A variety of case studies further illustrate the many scenarios corporate coaching can be used to improve.  For example, you may like to view a recent case study, written by one of our consultants, which illustrates how coaching was successfully used by a company in the aftermath of a bullying case with the result that both parties continued their employment with the company and have been able to successfully resume their working relationship.  Read more here

“Tell my why I don’t like Mondays?”

As the recent BBC radio interview with our consultant, Dr David Mason Brown, was broadcast during working hours, you may have missed it.  Also, the interview had been scheduled for 10 minutes but due to the vagaries of live radio, had to be condensed to 4 minutes, so we thought it would be helpful to let you see the full script of questions put to Dr Mason Brown by the producer in advance and the answers he had prepared.

The interview was broadcast in the light of recent research which found that more than a quarter of people in the UK dread work on Monday morning so much that it can ruin their entire weekend.

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Stress Management Tip

With our summer of sport in full swing, this tip suggests that we can learn more than technique from our sportspeople. 

Ask the Expert

This section is taking a short summer break but if you would like to have a question answered in our autumn edition, please email it to us at


Why do Employees Come to Work When Ill?  An investigation into Sickness Presence in the Workplace AXA PPP Healthcare sponsored The Work Foundation to carry out one of the first studies to investigate the relationship between sickness presence, sickness absence and performance.  In the report of their findings the Work Foundation emphasises that the impact of sickness presence should not be ignored by employers as higher sickness absence, lower performance, higher work-related stress and poorer psychological well-being can be the result.

Keep It Light A new campaign has recently been launched by Sir Steve Redgrave who is the co-founder of Juice Doctor, the campaign’s sponsor.  The aim is to provide a guide to keep your body in good health.  The campaign is so titled due to the early warning sign our body gives us if we are becoming dehydrated – the colour of our urine. As dehydration is the most common cause of headaches and daytime fatigue in the UK you may find it useful to download their “Hydration Toolkit” which includes free posters and “Y’urindicator” charts for workplaces and individuals.

Amanda’s Column

Amanda wonders if she’s alone in taking a dislike to being told when and how to say thank you to whom. 

Stress in the News

Workplace Stress, Eating and Food Addiction Researchers at the University of Aberdeen are to take part in a major new 5 year European study to try and discover some of the reasons why people eat too much and run the risk of obesity.  One of the elements they will look at is the effect of workplace stress on eating behaviour.

Physios Can Help Workers Keep Fit A survey commissioned by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) found that 25% of people regularly work all day without a break and over 50% said they often go to work when they’re stressed or physically unwell.  To help combat these problems the CSP has recently launched its Fit for Work campaign.  They have produced free downloadable leaflets which include advice, simple exercises and stretches together with the risk factors to watch out for and how employers can help.


“What do I want to take home from my summer vacation?  Time.  The wonderful luxury of being at rest.  The days when you shut down the mental machinery that keeps life on track and let life simply wander.  The days when you stop planning, analysing, thinking and just are.  Summer is my period of grace.” Ellen Goodman American Journalist & Pulitzer Prize Winning Columnist (1941 – )

“Love looks through a telescope; envy, through a microscope” Josh Billings American Humourist (1818 – 1885)

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter, may we wish you a relaxing summer break and hope that the sun shines for you whenever you choose to take it.