Patience (it’s not just a game of cards)

Posted by Jan Lawrence

With our “do it all” culture, we’re often so wound up trying to fit everything in, the slightest hold up can make our stress levels rise.  It won’t happen overnight, but by developing more patience you may improve your quality of life.

Think about what makes you impatient, which events, people or circumstances set you off.  Once you are aware of the trigger, you can try to manage yourself in future such situations.  You could pause, take some deep breaths and slow the pace down.  Think before you speak and use a softer tone instead of raising your voice in exasperation.  Realize that you can’t control everything and sometimes someone else’s way may get the job done even if it isn’t the way you would have done it.  Give yourself a break and build some flexibility into your day, don’t plan everything back to back but have a few minutes in between in case you overrun or get held up.  Have a window for “me” time to do your own thing … and remember to smile – it has an uncanny ability to relax you and those around you.